1 month full meter no purge (Help Wanted)

Game mode: Online Official 3890
Problem: Full Purge meter 1 month
Region: US

I’ve been on this server about 1 and a half months. It’s PVE so most of the Clans are pretty friendly. I’ve been to multiple purges of neighboring clans all while toting a full purge meter along with me. Last night I took part in 2 separate clans purges both of which had just reached the first bar on the meter. I saw this because it’s proof that the purge is working on that server. Yet I’m still waiting…

I was going to see if the testlive patch fixed my issue but I’ve decided to try to get ahead of it.

I’ve had the purge once after having a full meter for about a week to 2 weeks, it was right after kicking myself out of the clan and reinventing myself so I’m not sure that one counts.

I created my character on UK version of the game. Why? Because the ESRB can’t tell me what’s adult and what’s not :wink:. After a while I wanted some DLC’s so I switched over to the US version of the game. I’m telling you this because I’m out of other ideas as to what could be causing my lack of purges.

I’ve read a lot about other people’s problems and suggestions about triggering the purge. I have 6 bases across different biomes. Multiple clan members filling the meter although I play a lot so most of the meter fills from my actions.

Things I tried to fix it.
Disbanded clan.
Had someone else create new clan and invite me.
Stayed playing on US version of the game since the clan remake.
Now a month later still a full purge meter. I’ve attached a picture from last night when 2 other clans got purged.

I’m up for any and all suggestions. My worry is that I may have to recreate my lvl 60 Character.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Not sure make character with UK version
  2. Play on US version
  3. Fill purge meter
  4. No purge???
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To super duper summarize, the Purge has issues on live right now when it comes to targeting bases. Testlive’s (PC) current version significantly improves how Purges target bases and is a bit more aggressive when you become Purge eligible. So just hang tight, patch is coming soon!


I hope you’re right. Thanks!


What makes this more frustrating is that we are on the same server, and the second my purge meter hit the line I got the announcement that a purge was coming. We happened to be doing a joint mission at the time, well after we had already fought in a purge for a third clan.

My clan has had (6) purges since WAK4863’s meter hit the first line. We get a purge when the meter touches the line, every single time. Also, it seems to target the same base every time.

It makes zero sense.


Meanwhile…in another server, I had 2 separate and concluded purges in less than 20 hours…

Meanwhile again, in yet another server, I have the purge meter stuck at full since 6 months.

Meanwhile further more, in yet yet another server, I have the purge meter at zero since the game launched…

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There’s just no rhyme or reason. Hopefully the update sorts it out and makes it more consistent.

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Well, I did have those two purges back to back while yours was full a month back. We got to fight gorillas and skeletons. That was fun.


@Ignasi I know you stated the update will fix this issues and you’re probably right however some new info for you. We now have a player from the UK on the server who is obviously playing on the UK version of the game. Filled his purge meter and no purge for him either. Other new players on the server playing on the US version hit the eligibility line and got purged. Not sure you ever specifically stated that it was a known issue that was being solved with the next update or if you just figured it would with the changes. Can you please clerify a little. Thanks

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Hey @Wak4863

Yes, the issue in particular that you mention should be covered by our current Testlive patches, which will be available on PS4 at a later date. :slight_smile:

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