Please fix the Purge

PS4 the purge meter has been stuck at full for a few days now. event log says purge started and ended almost instantly but no purge. Can you guys fix this already. honestly you say its fixed now 10 times but still broken. I guess when you dont Test this stuff on the PS4 first before you release a patch
you get a constantly broken product

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I experienced a purge last night on an official ps4 server. Its working

Had a full purge meter for multiple months before the patch. Since the patch purge happens as soon as we touch the first line.

Since the last patch I couldn’t get a single purge.
I tried to maximize and minimize the setting in “delay purge bar” with no effect.
So I suppose the nudist that were attacking me repeatedly before the patch are now ashamed to go around dressed ^^

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue affecting all platforms and our team is looking into it.

You should try tweaking “Purge Meter Trigger Value” instead. For a 1-2 member clan, 7000 should be fine if you want a purge after a few hours of intense work.

I’ll try that thank you.

Ehm currently the meter trigger gives me only 2 values 0 or 100k ^^
All my triggers currently moves by 5 and lost the “intermediate” values.
I think sumthang has been censored up .

(suffering since day 1 of “un-precise” triggers)

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If you have access to the G-Portal server admin panel, you can set the value manually by just typing it in.
If you’re doing through the server settings slides in-game, there’s a known issue with it while using a controller in which it only lets either the max or min value to be introduced. In that case we’ve fixed that issue in our Testlive branch and it will be released on all platforms once it has undergone a few rounds of testing.

No gportal, I’m an offline player…
I’ll wait for that slider’s fix then.
Thank you

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meter still full purge starts and ends instantly in even logs but no purge lol

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