Invisible purge

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: EU

Yesterday our purge meter was full and we don’t get a purge, ok no problem we know tomorrow is another day and yes today we get a very full purge meter and we get invisible purges twice today. No signal, no message, but in the event of I can see two invisible purges. A few weeks or better one or two weeks ago we hat the same problem and you haven’t fix it. So please fix the problem it isn’t funny to wait between 6-10 pm and no purge is coming or you see you get a purge but the is invisible.
We are playing on the officialserver #3050.

Do you see that the purge has started and finished in your even log? For a while we had an issue where the purge wouldn’t happen but the event log would show that it started and ended 3 minutes later. I’m not sure what fixed it either the updates or emptying the purge meter.

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Yes we only see it in the event log that the purge start and finished. Between start and end its only two or three minutes. :frowning:

Here is some info for this issue.

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