Purge meter does not fill

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Europe]

I play with my friend on the 3111 server, there’s two of us in the clan. We’ve started just before the Halloween event and we are both lvl60 and own a tier3 castle by now (built of latest dlc blocks if that matters) but the purge meter is still at zero. It fills just a little bit when we play but on the next day it is empty again.

We’ve played on another official server couple of months ago and the purge came almost every other day since we’ve built our first sandstone shack. I’m not sure is it about the server or some recent patch did something to the purge?


Hey there. The purge has a few issues going on, and is being worked on. You can see what Funcom is working on and the status of the bugs on their new Trello board by clicking here!


I’ve been looking through the board and didn’t see anything close to my issue. But now when I used your link I see it. Some kind of selective blindness I guess. :smile: Well, too bad I can’t delete this topic.

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