Purge meter doesn't increase, official PvE 3735

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Hi guys,

I’ve been closely monitoring my purge meter for some time and not only is it not rising as expected from appropriate actions (killing, building,) but in fact it periodically falls back to zero no matter how much I play. I suspect this to be an issue particular to the server. I’m trying to do the “survive a purge” journey step so this has become a bit of a problem for me.

One other person describes a similar problem in this thread: Purge not happening - Bug or am I missing something?


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play regularly on PvE 3735
  2. Kill people
  3. Build stuff
  4. Watch purge meter

Hello, imo i think the purge mechanics were silent nerfed do to complaints about how fast the meters fill. Not sure tho but it is slower now and if you spend a significant time offline they reset fast. I play daily but went on a two day vaca and meter back to 0. Now i can kill warmaker 4 times and only get about a centimeter. Hope this helps.

  • correction if sit idle for 5mins online and now ive lost that centemeter…

That seems possible but that would really suck for the journey steps. I’ve been playing largely single player-style and using the journey text to guide me. Also, based on my other thread it sounds like it’s not consistent for others.

Hello, my main is on ps4 oficicial 3528 and the purge meter is acting up. Idk if im a too big a lvl60 or what but the purge meter doesnt rise anymore. Shadow upgrades in prep for september? Idk but i used to get a purge per evryother day based on activity. Im retired and nolonger in the rat race so i play constanly.

Hello @structurefall, thank you for your submission!

Our team is aware of the issues with the purge and they are being looked into, nevertheless we’ve registered the information you’ve shared.

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