PvE Server 3890 - Purge meter will not increase

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

Please see the image shown below. Ever since my clan’s last purge on 7/20, the purge meter will not budge past this point. We are a clan of two called Chill Bro.

We have killed many creatures and humans, as well as adventure in general. The purge meter would have normally increased by now… Seems like a bug. The location of our base that got purged is directly below The Great Dam. We have two bases total.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Complete a purge(Vanir Chieftan purge)

Hi @Saicreed, thank you for your report, we’ll relay this information to the developers.

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Thank you, @Hugo. Please let me know if you need anything else.

I know a guy on one official server that is complaining about the same thing. Yet ours on that server works.
He hits the unnamed city for the full route everyday.
Kills everything, yet his meter does not go up.

PS: This is on a PC server, that is why I mentioned it.

It’s really annoying, especially since I’m looking for some purge thralls to replace our regular named.

@Hugo, any idea when this will be looked into? More than happy to assist in troubleshooting, as I know you said in a previous post the team is a bit overwhelmed right now between posts and team PTO. Trust me when I say I understand from personal experience…

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In the same way as there has been a rework to the AI and Follower systems not too long ago, it’s very likely that there’ll be an effort to tackle the currently known purge issues, although we’re unable to provide any estimates for that.


Ah well… That’s unfortunate but thanks anyway for the reply. So odd that it just happened out of nowhere when we never had an issue before.

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Update: It seems like this was resolved. Waited a couple of days to reply, and it is back to increasing and no longer drops back down every day.

Thank you!

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