Purge meter Broken - 9 days

Game mode: Online-pve official server #3534
Problem: Bug
Region: America

Our purge meter has now been completely full for the ninth consecutive day with not a single purge. Other clans on our server have been getting purged multiple times during this same time period. Can you please fix/reset our purge meter and possibly investigate what may be causing this so we can avoid in the future. Thanks.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Lol, I’ve been purged once since the game launched. That’s it just 1 time while I was “offline” in 3 months. I’m no stranger to a full purge meter. And my base and maproom’s should all be in purge-able areas.

So our purge meters are not broken, the purge mechanic is broken, and has been that way for 3 months and counting.

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Hah. No, YOUR mechanic has been broken for 3 months, mine was fine up until 9 days ago. Different circumstances, different bug. I was looking for a response from funcom, not a one-upper story about how your siuation is worse or assumptions based on your own personal experiences.

Your purge meter isn’t broken. The issue is there is only 1 purge give or take per day. And with perhaps 100 or more people with full purge meters your theoretical chance of being purged is quite low. Also it only takes a couple of days for most to be ready to get purged again. So in short every day you have less than 1% chance or so for a purge.

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Sorry bud but you are wrong and frankly have no idea what you’re talking about. The liklihood of a purge is shared amongst players on your server not the entire conan exiles server base…if you simply check server settings then purge settings you will see how wrong you are. Where do you get this nonsense about 100 or more people from sharing purge eligibility?

I am speaking about a server.

How many players do you think a server got? I can with confidence say my server (1040) got at a bare minimum 100 people with full purge meters. Perhaps even 200 people. And since it only takes 2 days for most people to refill their purge meters you can guess where the bottleneck is.

In addition, I got purged every 3 days for a while there so clearly your numbers are incorrect and this whole 1% chance thing you’ve fabricated is nonsense.

It’s all RNG and about population on your server.

Its no secret how it works. Everyone purge ready gets thrown into the tombola as players, not clans. Then a player is selected and from that one a base and so forth.

Then you get statistics where some people gets purged multiple times and others never despite waiting for months.

I can tell your english is a little broken so I’ll try my best here…server 1040? Wow. K bud. First of all I’m on ps4, official server, America, pve. What drugs are you on? The server max is 40 people pal and we might have 5 or 6 people on the server max. at a time. In what world do your have 200 people with full purge meters on your server. Stop the lies. You kids kil me.

Official server 1040.

40 players online is irrelevant to the amount of people actually playing on the server. People are not logged in all the time.

Sorry MTLMilton09 but ShintaiDK is 100% correct, to my knowledge.
You may only have a few players on your server at a time but the Purge is randomly determined from every player that plays on that server. So on Official servers the number of total players per server can easily be in the hundreds.

Thats why I said the “Purge mechanic is broken” it’s known to work well on private servers with a smaller playerbase. But on servers with a large playerbase the purge can be hit an miss at best.

Now that I think of it “broken” is not very accurate maybe I should’ve said faulty.


I’ve been at capped purge meter for about 2 weeks now, nothing.
Bummer. However it is //supposed// to work is irrelevant to me.
I wish they would happen more consistently to me.

Thats very unfortunate that you both have so many players on your server. But speak for yourself. I constantly monitor the player list. For the last 2 months + and I can honestly say we have an absolute maximum of 40-50 players that log on to the server and typically no more than 4/40 at any given time. Must be a busy map with over 200 active players on your server. Also, am I truly to believe you’ve consulted these other apparent 199 players with full purge meters (just on your server) to confirm their meters are also full? What server has 20+ clans with 10 members each. Your numbers are not believable but if your truly have that many players then I just feel bad for you at this point.

Do some research before you say people are 100% wrong. ‘To my knowledge’ your info is ‘100 %’ bogus nonsense.

200+ players with full purge meters on a single server? You’ve spoken to them all have you? Please send me an ounce of whatever you’ve been smoking on.

The Purge is indeed linked to an RNG element as it picks from all settlements available and between all players/clans on a server.

So you can get a purge frequently or you can not get one for a long time right now.
This is not ideal and we are working on fixes internally regarding calculations regarding all aspects of the purge.

Also, please refrain from personal insults and keep the discussions civil and helpful.
Thanks much :slight_smile:


I have not been having the Purge since end of May :slight_smile: So you are still thinking it’s only RNG issues? All this time I have 100% purgemeter. The server is almost empty already. What RNG do you mean? )

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They both are 100% right.

The purge is based off everyone who plays/played on that server who’s structures have not decayed.

Just because only 40 people can be on at a time, doesn’t mean there are servers that don’t have 100 people playing on it at different times. Those people all have structures. Those people are all subject to the same RNG if their meter is full enough. Doesn’t matter if it’s full or above the line for getting purged, all thrown into the same lottery machine.

It’s why offline purges happen and even happen to people bases who haven’t been on in days. And considering we just ended the 400 hour decay timer thing, it could have been people who weren’t on in 14 days finally getting their turn at an offline purge that they likely will never know even happened.

The purge itself isn’t broken. It works, the problem is the more people on your server, in total not currently on, the less likely you are to get it.


Does the same RGN target go for private servers?

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