Purge meter resets every day

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [LATAM]

Server #1977 - Clan Cimérios
Purge meter grows as intended, but when I log on the next day, it resets to zero. This is happening for 2 months already. I only had 2 purges.

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Hey @danielgr

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Could you check your event log and see if there is something related to the purge in there?


0 Entries

I used to think my event log had zero entries whenever I looked at it, but in the bottom right corner is a little button called ‘submit’.
Click the button and a list of things will come up.
Completely counter-intuitive to me but there you go.
Hope that helps a bit.

I did that, it`s really 0 entries, I even setup 21 days and 10,000 proximity. Result is 0/200

I had like 5% yesterday. Today is zero :frowning: No messages at all

How many people are in your clan and actively playing? If the clan is small, in an official server it would be normal for the purge bar to get emptied over the night.

This is so of-topic now from me but im desperate now…
I havent ben able to play and im getting a bit frustrated and not even now when i have registered me here im able to get contact.

I’m trying to get in contact with you but the system dose not let me yet.

Is there anyhow you can write to me? Either here in some way or by E-mail?

Would be very much appreciated, thank you.

Hey @tigersaid

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If you need to report a bug, please read this thread on how to.
If it’s to report the use of exploits, please use our tool Exploit Hunters or get in touch with me or @Hugo.
For anything else, if you’d rather keep it private, you can as well message any of us.

Thank you.

Here is the thing, i cant send you a private message.
I dont have any button to do so.

This is strange, can you send me a message? Maybe then i can reply.

I have the same issue for months.
I am on offical server (pve) since may 2018

at the beginning purges worked, but since 1 year, I think, purge metter reset all the time.

We have a problem. You lead #3741 right?

6 people, but only I play every day and a friend play every now and then.

@Ignasi With all the land-spam griefing we see on PvE from people who login only to refresh their bases and don’t actually play, could we please have this practice of depleting the purge meter reassessed?

Simply put, while we PvE players can engage in “passive PvP” by using world bosses to clean up orphans left-over from decayed bases, there is nothing we can do about structures built specifically to grief other players. The one mechanism that might be able to help (in the absence of paid server moderators) is the Purge.

While I understand that it can be hard on the server to run the extra AI needed for a Purge, what about all the extra construction and AI involved when griefers maintain huge structures with several dozen pets, thralls, and lighting effects even though they have less than 20 minutes of activity a month? Wouldn’t it be better to let the purge meter continue to accrue so that such structures can eventually get excised from the map?

Should I kick out the inactive players?

Wouldn’t matter. Having active players help, inactive players make no difference either way.

The Purge meter resetting every night is not strictly speaking a bug, it’s intended that way, even if it’s a pity. I myself suffer from it, as a solo player on online officials who can’t dedicate 5+ hours every day to the game (haven’t had a Purge since the change).

It IS a change from how it used to work, where you could slowly but surely build up your Purge meter, over a long time if need be. I found that much preferable, but they changed it a while back, when the Purge was retooled. There were a lot of good changes to the Purge that time (such as human enemies in many more locations), but this was IMO not one of them.

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