Purge not happening - Bug or am I missing something?

My next journey step is “survive a purge,” but my purge meter is near zero and never moves, pretty much at all. I have a small stonebrick house and a few thralls (maybe 10 total?) including a few named ones, but I’m at level 43 and I’ve accomplished a fair amount of general stuff- I have the Awakened Staff of the Triumvurate, for example, and I’ve completed all the prior (and some of the later) journey steps.

I’m on a PS4 PvE official server.


The purge meter decreases, if you DONT play the game.

kill and build stuff, to raise it.

I’ve been playing a lot, and it’s not increasing. I’ve been killing a lot, but mostly animals because I needed to farm a lot of animal-related stuff. Do I need to kill people specifically or something?

Yeah, my bar raises quickly when I kill people at the volcano or Set-city.

On the subject from a very informative site :grinning::
I guess it is a good guideline for your actions towards filling the meter.

It’s a bug. I’ve built huge 400 plus foundation spots and killed bosses in a week of 20+ hours of play only to watch the bar drop every night I was off and never go above half. I read a guy got his meter to half from running the new dungeon twice. I ran it 4 times the first day and it didn’t get above 30%. Was all gone the next day. It works for some, but it hasn’t worked but once for me since last Halloween. Prior to that, it was at least once a month if not every week. This was on official PVE.

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