Purge bar still not increasing

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug | Performance
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: US East Coast Server 1516 PVE-C

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I manage to get my purge bar to increase but it does not stay at the point I get it too. When about half full it will start to drop again. Was really hoping with this patch that this issue would have been fixed. Has been an ongoing issue for me since server launch. Are the purge bars even suppose to slowly drop back down to empty? Or if I can get some help on how to fill this stupid bar up quicker? I have done T3 building / Slaughtered the bosses in Unnamed and well everywhere / made lots of building mats and still can not get my bar to full. I just want a damn purge lol.


Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Not sure as I really don’t know why the bar is not filling to full myself

Hello can I get some feedback please? Is anyone else still having this issue?

I would like to give you some suggestions, but I’ve got nothing. I can stand in the middle of no where, read a newspaper, and watch my bar tick up. Both in Single Player and on a Server.

According to the dev kit, the fastest way to gain points is by placing a building, and by killing humans or NPC’s.

I confirm that killing humans work. I don’t build anything just now in my SP but hunt for Thralls. My Purge meter fills fast…

Like Multigun said, also for me purge is working fine.

But may depend lot your action. Experience made with different new chars made for the purpose. Building a home base triggers the purge. Don’t build a home, purge-meter will have really pain to increase. It’s a journey-step (build a home). You can stay a nomad in provisory camp, purge will have a hard time of course.
Also actions does lot. If you stay only short periods online, and farm gently around your home-base only, purge-meter may increase very slightly.
Make a test, go out, kill some different npc-camps, make a dungeon, see what happens.

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We have been relentlessly murderizing all the bosses and relic hunters in the unnamed city and a few other places since the big patch.
Meter went up to half real quick then has stopped dead.

Hey @DrakonTrelos

Does this issue still persist?

Yes Ignasis. It is still existing for me. My bar is half full and that is it. I build with T3 Materials only now. Have killed many bosses and NPC’s in the Volcano and Unnamed City. My main base is located in the Volcano. I have been on server 1516 since it was added. I have helped many others with Purges. I am the only active member in my clan. But I do spend a lot of time in the game as I am also the main trader on the server. Open to any suggestions

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Thanks everyone else for the replies. I appreciate the feedback as this has been an ongoing issue for my game since Launch.

My purge bar gets about half way then starts decreasing

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Thanks this is pretty much what mine does. But then starts to slowly decrease again

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I have been doing this since launch but with no success. But thank you for the feedback

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I do both but meter only gets about half full before it starts decreasing again.

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Could you screenshot the server settings? Going to see if I can reproduce what you are seeing on my locally hosted server.

Check your purges rules, especially this one: “minimum number of online players”, you said that you are the only active member of your clan, it might come from that: If the rule is not “1”, in your case, purges will never start.

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Purge meter still goes up though. I use that setting on my private server. Purge meter will go all the way to the end, then as soon as a 2nd person logs in, instant purge.

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I would try set it on 1 player online, and lower the last one, the purge meter refresh interval. I have it much lower when i play alone to trigger the purges, or meter may decrease again between.

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Thanks for the information @DrakonTrelos

Will send it to our team and see if they have any input on this.

This would all matter but it is an official Funcom PVE-C server. So the settings are not adjustable and same for everyone on official servers

Thanks and let me know if there is any other information I can send you

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