Purge meter not filling up

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Latam]

Every time I log in my purge meter is lower than last day, I have never been purged, and I play a lot every day, I have built a huge base for almost two months and the purge meter never reaches 25%, and now it’s completely empty.

I play on official server 4521

I wish you will have one very soon. The purge is one of the most necessary gaming experience of this game. I feel you dude, i really do.

Have you tried offline solo to build something and watch the purge bar?

Once that purple bar goes white, you will be purged on the first nick.

The Purge is currently glitchy to a point that it’s blocking log ins on certain servers. They -might- have turned it off for the moment.
I hope so, my clan has been locked out for the whole week because of the Purge glitch

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