Purge meter won’t decrease

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug]
Region: [America official 3733]

So I have had two purges back to back on this server. One happened in one night then the next day the purge happened again because the purge meter didnt even decrease. How can I reset the purge meter or lower it? It’s already king of sad enough that there is really no specfic way to contact funcom because it tells you to come to the forums. Im not sure if this is a glitch on the server or what I can do.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Purge meter rises and starts
  2. Purge ends
  3. Meter stays near the middle tick
  4. Purge happens again
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First of all I wish I had this issue. I would take a purge every night happily. :wink: a couple things to address here. Depending on when your first purge started it may have not registered as a purge that is IF the purge time ended before your purge completed. When this happens the purge meter does not decrease because the server did finalize it. The second purge if you weren’t struck with the same issue should have decreased your meter. It’s important to look at the meter right after the purge ends to see the amount of decrease. The purge meter can be filled rather quickly by active players it’s possible that the meter didn’t fall as much as you filled. If you have clan mates and you guys are active you can fill it everyday. If you truely want the meter to fall you have to be inactive basically don’t play the game for a day or 2.


Hmm okay, so I see xD, well as for me those first two were my first purges so I was in the process of preparing. But yeah I believe being inactive is truly the only way. Just kind of crazy it went back to back


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