Purge Meter doesn't work

Game mode: *[ Select one: (Online official | Online private |
Type of issue: *[ Select one: Bug
Server type: *PvE-Conflict
Region: [ Italy ]
Hardware: [ Ps4 Pro ]

Bug Description:

*Since the update I have noticed that the purge meter doesn’t drop even if it has not been played for three days, which is usually the time required to completely reset it. At first I thought it was due to an internal bug on the server but I noticed that the same thing happens on my other server as well. It’s quite disheartening to know you can’t avoid the purge anymore, sometimes using this option of not playing or just switching servers was a really good thing

Expected Behavior:

*After 3 days of inactivity it should reset to zero or at least decrease

Steps to Reproduce:

*Don’t play for more days


Thank you for reaching out. Can you share more information with us?

  • Do you have any mods installed on your servers?
  • Have you noticed the same issue without any mods installed?
  • Did you change any default values for the purge?

Thanks in advance.


I’m on PlayStation so the mods aren’t there and the same error happened on two different private servers with standard purge options


Apologies for that. :sweat_smile:
And, thank you for the additional information. We will forward to our team for further investigation.

Please let us know if you notice any other issues after the latest update. :slight_smile:


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