Continuing purge meter issues, PLEASE FIX

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Hello, my playerbase on my server plus myself are still seeing purge meter issues in which the purge meter will decrease even though we are playing everyday for hours at a time. when I first got the game these purge meter issues were nonexistent. But one of my players has lost nearly half a near full purge meter in 2 days.

FUNCOM please can we get a fix for the purge meter? We are getting tired losing purge progress for no reason at all. Can we please stabilize the purge meter so that it WONT start decreasing until you’ve been offline for a least 4 days. As of right now its decreasing way too fast. Please help us with a fix for this problem!

For your information as well, my private server purge setting is set to official settings.

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I have had a ps4 server over 2 years. Haven’t had the problem. I know that Xbox has its own set of issues with several updates that I hope you get fixed. Have you gone on gportal site and see if anything has changed I had a issue after a update that changed a setting. On weekends when I know more people will be on I changed purge value to 22,000 from 42,000 giving people a better chance of a purge. Good Luck.

sestus2009 I will look into the setting to see if it changed though I doubt it since this is happening on official servers too. Thank you :blush:

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Hello @UnbreakableMare, can you confirm that all the purge settings on your dedicated server are set to the same as the officials?

It’s expected that the bar decays while all players are offline, and there’s no setting at this time to tweak this, but we’ll be sure to forward your concern to the developers.

Thank you for responding Hugo much appreciated. When the patch for this character issue is fixed I will log into my server and double check the settings of my purge against the official settings.

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Hugo, I did check my settings to the official server settings and both were the exact same and 42.000.

I say “were” as it was agreed apon by many on my player base to increase the trigger value to 30.000 to counter the issues while they remain. This has sped up what it takes to trigger the purge.

All we are asking for is maybe slow down the decay timer on the purge meter? It really is decreasing too fast in a 24 hour offline period. Us regular players play hours at a time and are rarely off the game for a full 24 hours. Not to mention other players on my server dont seem to have this issue.

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Now my purge meter is not increasing at all??? Its stuck just under a cm from the trigger line and wont move. I have put a hell of a lot of exp into it today and it’s not moving? Ive been crafting, doing some journey steps and fighting enemies! It was moving yesterday! What the heck is going on FUNCOM!?

Update: 4+ hours after I made this post the purge meter started moving again…no idea why it stopped moving.

Thank you for providing further information @UnbreakableMare, we’ll be sure to register the issue for our team to look into.

@IgnazTrollovski Having someone from the community team touching any of the game code would not be a good idea.

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