Purge Meter Broken AGAIN

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FunCom, the purge meter is broken again. same issue as the last time i posted after the mounts update (it was working normally for a while after another update) has started again after the latest hotfix. can we please get a perm fix for this? i was really enjoying triggering the purge with my clan once a week…some of the purges were brutal and great fun to fight. i really don’t like putting a decent amount of points into the purge meter only to come back barely 12 hours later to find the meter at zero again. on PvE you live for the purge instead of PvP. this is on server 2947.

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I know it is not the answer, but you can choose one of the clan to keep logged,
Put all your stuff in a chest and let the player keep dying until you get back.

It is not the best answer, but works until they fix the purge meter bug.

we shouldn’t have to find less than ideal ways around an issue and i don’t have the time to waste, all my time is spent on building, catching and training thralls, gathering resources and prepping for a purge. i cannot go online most Mondays now (its Sunday night) and you watch, i’ll come back Tuesday after work for it to be zero again and i’ve currently got just over a cm long purge meter…for me solo playing while clan is not online that’s a decent chunk of work to lose. for me, this has never been an issue before the mounts update and now this is the second time its happening after a hotfix. it reeally sucks the joy out of a game when a major component fails.

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Hi @UnbreakableMare, thank you for your report, we’ve relayed the shared information to our team.

thank you for seeing my post and concerns. i have just logged in to conan and whilst not at zero points i still have lost just over half the points i did have on my purge meter since my last post. the meter will probably go down more as i cant stay on as long as id like today now that i have started back to online school. Love the game FunCom, it will take an absolute ripper of a disaster to lose me as your loyal gamer!

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