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Hi All, has anyone noticed the purge meter decreasing? before the mounts update the purge meter was fine but now if you don’t put points into it, it decreases…fast…even when i put points into it, its decreasing fast. what should have been well over halfway to a purge is now back to zero. is this a possible bug? hoping it can be fixed as at this rate my clan will never experience the purge again, and they are fun. please tell me its a bug and can/will be fixed, i want to trigger a purge soon.

thanks guys.

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There was an issue (last year?) where this was happening. Unless you had a large, very active clan on the server your purge meter could actually wind backwards to zero. It meant that small clans, and even larger ones that only had members who logged in sporadically (refreshers, etc.), would never see purges.

I guess what was old is new again in Conan Exiles.

so this has happened before? i’m in a clan of 3 and lately i’m the only one playing daily so the purge meter always winds down to zero or close to zero. before the mounts update i could trigger purges on my own. Thank you for confirming that it is a bug. I dearly hope FUNCOM see’s this and fixes it as soon as possible, i really want to experience a purge with purge thralls now that i’m building in a place that can spawn those.

Keep in mind that, outside of single player/co-op, just filling up your purge meter doesn’t guarantee you a purge. In theory it will “come for you eventually”, purge targets are selected from the entire pool of active clans, and there’s a limit to the number of purges that spawn per day.

I’ve been in situations where the purge meter would fill up, but a purge would never actually happen. When it would completely fill, there’d be a message that whatever is scouting your base, and 60 seconds later, a message that it has been defeated and the purge meter is reset.

TL;DR: Purges are broken in many ways and various, and they have been forever. The only absolutely reliable way I’m aware of purges happening is for an admin to start them.


It states in wiki that players who do not player for several days the meter will decrease. I suggest read wiki and how the purge meter works. Specific things trigger the purge.l and if you and a clan mate are doing the same thing it only counts as one so split up and one of you build and one of you go kill things. You’ll get a before you know it.

i am aware how the purges work and that you can only trigger a couple each week…or at least i have only been able to trigger them once a week at a stretch…before the mounts update.

KudosDude i am on Conan everyday bar a day here an there. i’m seeing decreases in the purge bar even just 12 to 24 hours after last login. does this mean ALL clan members have to play everyday to stop the decreasing? I play on PVE and live for the purge, this needs to be fixed.

I have been having this issue as well.

I generally login for a few hours every day. I used to be able to trigger a purge every three days or at least once a week. Since the mounts update, I’ve only had one purge.

I can get my meter to half full, then log off for the night. By the next night, my purge bar is nearly empty. Something is definitely different.

Arsenalcontrol that is Exactly the issue i am having, the same thing. so i am not the only one having this problem. something damaged the purge meter during that mounts update.

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