Never Ending Purge on Official PVP (Disable Purge ASAP!)

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [NA]

Our tribe’s purge meter filled up today and when we finished the purge the purge meter never reset and continues to fill up. After 15-20mins we got another purge at another base location. This is happening even after the server purge time is supposed to be disabled. Please disable purges and fix this ASAP!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Fill up purge meter
  2. Purge starts
  3. Purge never ends

I wrote them about this two weeks ago and they haven’t fixed it yet

I am honestly losing all faith in the devs at this point, it’s sad

So like, my whole tribe is just sitting on our thumbs not doing anything after we got hit by an unending purge two and a half weeks ago,
Trying to keep our purge meter from filling,

Just bought two copies of the game not three months ago, and my god I regret it

Hey there,

Welcome to our community.
Our team is aware of this issue and they’re working on it.
Thanks for your feedback.

Is there an estimate time for the fix? Can you disable purge while it is being worked on? We don’t want to defend against the purges 24/7

We don’t have any estimates yet as we depend on the certification process to go through. As of now, it’s as soon as technically possible.

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