No purge? What happens

Game mode: [Online | Official server #3099]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [EU - Germany]

Hi guys…

I am waiting since 5 days for purge. In the event log i can see its beginning and 2mins later its cover.

Purge broken?!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Did your purge metet reset? If your purge metet reset, that means that you had a purge you never saw. It is a very old issue but for me it happened only to my first purges. The second will come properly, don’t worry, at least you took the trophy ‘’ survive a purge ‘’ :wink:.

No, the purge Meter is complete full since 5 days

When ever you log off your meter decreases the longer you’re off thus it could be stuck which case devs may have to look into server issues try to find and see if others are having this issue to see if it’s server side or bug to help minimize the option of issues

No one gets purge on our server. In the event log you Can see that its starts, After 2min its cover. No timer for purge or even that sound. Simple nothing happened since 5 days

Your purge ia glitches then. That’s always annoying. All you can do is pray to crom to help you

You play official, that means that the purge has a timer that you must be logged in this timer, if you are not then you will never experience a purge on this server. I am playing on American server and i have to be awake from 3 o’clock until 7 in the morning. The time is set 21:00 NY USA and i live in Greece :joy:. If still this is not your problem then my friend good luck and change server.

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yes, you must be logged in this timer the purge active

Me too.
In the event log the purge starts and ends each 10 minutes. Like as 20 times!. I m logged in the purge time. Two days with the same problem.
Server 3588

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