The Purge - Can it be made into a more common event?

Hello all, I’ve been playing around 70-90 hours much of that single player, but I’ve also put some time on PvP and PvE servers. Because of my internet connection the game functions the best when playing on my own. I put my purge settings so the bar fills quickly and I’ve followed the advice of other threads when dealing with the other settings to make the purge more likely.

What I’m looking for is a regular threat from the purge to really push me building my defenses and getting thralls to guard my base.

In almost 100 hours of playtime solo, on official servers pve and pvp I have NEVER triggered a purge. I can sit with a full purge meter for days IRL of playtime, and nothing ever happens.

This feature is suppose to be a large part of closing the PvE loop, yet I build up my base and sit there, and nothing ever happens.

Do we know what’s going on with the purge? Is there a way to make it spawn regularly (once every few days) when playing solo?


I have played almost every day since launch. 3 different servers with full purge meter and I have yet to see a single purge. Its very disappointing. I was looking forward to the purge. The purge should happen every day and to every clan in my opinion. It should be a frequent event.

Purge is currently broken. We’ve had 5 purges triggered, but nothing has ever happened. It’s a known bug.
The part that really sucks is how the special thralls you can ONLY get in the Purge cannot be obtained cause of this.

Hi, try setting your minimum online players to 0 if possible :slight_smile:

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I’ve done that, I’ve messed with all the settings when playing solo. still never seen a purge. I’m not doubting that the purge system is working or not working. I just believe I haven’t triggered it. I’ve done the usual - raided other camps, built large bases, taken many thralls. Can we understand a bit better on how hard it is to trigger a purge, why someone can play a hundred or even hundreds of hours and never see one, and maybe be given settings that allow us to customize our experience with the purge?

The only thing I seem to be able to do with the settings is to increase the speed at which my purge meter is filled. Because nothing beyond that has ever happened.

Purges cancel itself out, if it selects a target out of render distance of the player at that moment in time.

A good criteria for purges to select a target would be bed location vs. proximity or density of named thralls stationed.

The advantage of a purge randomly selecting bases with wheel of pains on them is that you get a wider variety of purges to capture crafters from… unfortunately render distance is what causes most purges to falter.

It’s a bit like quantum theory… Purges are in a state of superposition until observed.

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Schroedinger’s Purge


Hi, try these settings, im’ curious to see if they work for you, should receive a purge within an hour.
Purge level 4
Purges per day 12
Restrict purge time off
Min. # of online players 0
Purge meter trigger value 997 slide the slider all the way to the right, then back to get this value, (Fills purge meter quick)
Purge meter update frequency 3 to 19 , or 4 to 20 depending if you had it on 0 at any point, this value seems to make purge happen sooner, at 3 i had a purge happen as early as 12 min. Keep in mind it’s random, :slight_smile: every time it updates only 25% chance of a purge the way i understand it, hope this helps, oh btw 19 is around an hour, usually—if this works for you, and you want to capture named thralls,set purge time to 20 min. that way your not waiting to long for the purge to end :wink:

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