Add Purge in Pve please

As I’m an pve player I miss the Purge in it. I see the Purge as an part of the environment. Plus the Purge contains thralls with special abilities, for example the blacksmith that can fix legendary weapons, it would be an huge add on for pve and the players who build bases they kinda want to defend it aswell I guees so, well I’d like to do that. And if that’s not possible then please give us the option to find those thralls somewhere in a camp, otherwise we’re missing those thralls compared to the pvp players. I hope it is an good suggestion and that there are more players that agree with me.

It is in pve.

Unfortunately it rarely works.

Really? I’ve never seen it. Then it must be broken, my purge bar is to the max all the time but never been attacked, or is it only in certain areas? If so, then I need to move my base!

Purge works well for me in PVE…

Yeah purge almost never work correctly. Mostly on private servers, though. It seems to be all or nothing.

I’ve never seen one until I started randomly fiddling with the admin commands and purge settings… We finally had one after I set the “minimum players online” down to 0, which makes me think it may be the culprit here :confused:

In what area do you have your base then? And do you play on official servers?
I play on xbox on an official server.

Do you play on singleplayer then DrKoin? Or do you have an own server?

PS4 on official PVE, somewhere near the starting spawn area, I got raided by a hoard of imps. LUL

I’ve had six purge warnings on separate days. Within 20 seconds I get a message saying that the swarm of (insert random beast here) has been defeated.

Doesn’t always fail though.
I’m at the sinkhole and the guy across the river from me was purged by archers non stop for two hours last week. I gave him a hand and it only stopped when the server shut down for a patch.

Maybe he copped everybody’s failed purges all at once.

Its the only purge I know of that has worked on official server 1950.

Hahaa awesome! I’ve just found an video on youtube from Firespark81 and he said they should spawn all in the desert area, so I’m gonna try something out and build something in the desert to see if they come. And if that’s not working then I go to the beginner area. I’m after those named thralls :sweat_smile:
Hahaa sounds fun if they attack with a whole hord :laughing:

HonkyLips, I don’t know where the sinkhole is :see_no_evil:
But that guy got massively attacked then :joy: 2 hours of fighting the AI sounds a bit too much :sweat_smile:
But do you have fighters and archers in your base that helps defending you? Because you said they were defeated in 20 seconds.

Own server, hosted on a second computer ! :slight_smile:

Sinkhole is the big hole in the middle of the desert.

I’ve gotten the message six times now, but no one shows up, I stand there waiting then get the message to say I’ve defeated it.

The one the guy copped last Friday had to be bugged. They just kept coming. No named thralls. Just a constant stream of III archers. Had to yog the body’s to stop the lag. Lootbags the size of a rocknose.

That’s awesome dude! So I assume you play on pc?

Alright I found where the sinkhole is, there is an canp nearby.

But weird that the don’t show up and that it says that you defeated them.
I have our main base in the nordheimer area, at the lake with the little island in it where the black bear is always walking around. I had the sound a couple times there that I was under attack but never saw anything around me that was attacking me.
So I’m building a littlw base now in the desert right under it not far from the black galleon, I don’t know if they will show up there but I give it a try.

And that are some big loot bags then! :joy::joy:

And were you close to the base when it showed up that you were getting attacked by the purge?

Have a base in north and swamp.
Have been at all when purge warning came.
Have only seen marker twice. Both at sinkhole. My biggest base is there.
Once when there, once when at swamp and imediately teleported there.
The one when i was at the swamp happened about 30 mins before the never ending purge across the river.

Okay okay. But on which side of the river was that? On the northside of your base or on the eastside?
The base I’ve build in the desert didn’t brought me any purge so far even my purgebar is maxed out the whole day. I haven’t been really close to it all the time. But If I know the exact spot where they come then I might build there, and where you have your base sounds good to me too, but then they have to spawn :sweat_smile:

I play solo official server PvP (pe4) and have had four paurge attacks on my base now. Only two times have I fought anything though. The first, pre 1.8 were skels in and around my base. Second time, post 1.8, I was attacked by humans but they didn’t seem to path well to my base. I went looking for them. It was a job that seemed stuck in place BC of a large hill inbetween them and the base. I killed them on the field. The last two times now, post 1.9, I’ve been attacked twice and both times I win without seeing them or fighting. That’s about two minutes after the purge starts.
So, think they need to snipe some programmers from rockstar or Sony studios BC they’re clearly lacking experience somewhere with the software. No disrespect meant.

I have to ask. Could this part of connectivity and lag be mostly on the 3rd party g portal and their hardware/updates? I’m really starting to think that Funcom is getting hit with two cluster @#&$s at the same time. One on their premature release and the other on GPortal for not having their crap straight. I really think they’re a huge culprit here.