Purge is not triggered on the official pve servers?

I have not had a purge attack since appearing the game. If the purge bar is full, why you can not trigger the purge yourself or increases the purge number per day (24 is currently much too low)! Comes with the next big patche changes in the game?

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If they set the min online players to 1 on official servers, and lowered the difficulty from 6, we would see many more purges and also legendary thralls.

They don’t do that though.

For some reason.

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Spot on as usual good Sir, perhaps you should post this in suggestions forum?

The 3 fixes to purges in the big patch we should see SoonTM are rather vague in their description, your suggestion would have elegantly eased the pain in near future

prob lem is i think when you open the clan panel , you can see yourself as offline… no idea if that is a bug.,
but it does look like it

Would you like to buy some cynicism? I seem to have an excess… :wink:

Im optimist Sir,

I suppose if we keep nagging … 2 of the armorers got updated on testlive after me pointing it out few times hehe

I almost quoted your original reply. You lucked out man… :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, I read the patch update after posting and im less bitter now

Purge still does not work on my official server! When will a fix for the correct execution of Purge come?

They better not trigger while Thralls are BUGGED to the CORE.

Idk i had to fight off 3 purges for the past 2 weeks. All of them were creatures, 2 times scorpions in the desert and 1 time locusts in the jungle. Was on official server.

Same here, I got offline purged twice and had one while I was online in the lasts weeks. Others on the server I play on (Official PvE) experienced Purges, too.