Purge won't start

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvE
Region: [EU]

Purge not happening

  1. Private server with no mods
  2. None of the players reached lvl 60
  3. Purge bars full for more than a week
  4. Admin commands to start the purge not working. Empty or filling the bar commands are working.
  5. We need purge to capture thralls to repair legendary weapons.

We are on hold with the progression waiting for the patch for a long time. We decided to try our luck here. Please help me with this purge initiation issue.

The patch scheduled for 1pm CET (7 am EST) today should bring improved Purge mechanics. Let us know how you experience the purge updates.

Hello Tascha! You are such a beautiful woman!

I can help with the fallowing observations:

  1. On a private dedicated server the purge works triggered and not triggered.
  2. Doing some testing off the grid with admin commands and abusing “slomo 10” I can tell you that all the purges (self triggered and admin triggered, but without purge type value) are Starving Exiles from a nudist tribe. I don`t blame them, starvation is making them to answer to attack commands first.
  3. I can confirm that all purges so far on the server were Naked&Naked Exiles. “Is this the big purge that we have waited for two months? :P”

Can please update it with a hot fix? I don`t think we should wait again so long for such a small correction.

Other bugs to be reported:

  1. When you return to inventory a crafting station the thrall operating on that station is returned in your inventory along with his specific recipies.
  2. When you fight with a truncheon with tool improvement enchant on it sometimes you deal damage to health bar.

Can you let us know if there area any mods installed on your server?

As mentioned in the first post the server has no mods. I use the application provided by you, .26 latest version.

I will do fresh install tomorrow on an other server pc and try to recreate with a clean .db.

Oh woops. I totally missed, that, my bad :slight_smile:
The “naked” purges should be fixed. It could be that it was a left-over from a Purge in the pipeline.
It would be great if you could keep an eye on it and let us know if it happens again.

I made four attempts using a fresh install 1.0.26 with a fresh .db every time (no previous game save and no mod).

After creating a new char, I went in the middle of the map and created a cluster of foundations, filled the purge meter with command and waited. Each time the purge triggered on it`s own. Each time it was Starved Exiled faction. Each time they were naked. One of the server installs was on a different machine.

I even tried the single player with the same steps and with the same result. Can someone else try it and communicate here the results? Please!

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Thanks for the info!

All is ok with the nudists now, thank you very much!
Can you please also do something about the Starving Exiled? They keep coming and coming, the same faction all the time, with no worthy loots and weak attacks.

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