Purge is broken on my server

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Conan Mercs
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Purge is not happening on my server. I have tried using admin commands (after enabling admin with password) but none of them seem to work. These include commands for filling or emptying the purge meter. The meter appears to stay full, and I get messages about “X group has been defeated”. However I never get a message about a purge starting, or see one on the map, and the meter remains full. My main base is in M9, I tried building a small structure in R5 to see if that was the issue, but there is no change.

Bug Reproduction:

No repro steps, issue is constant.

I tried migrating my server from hosthavok to gportal and it is still broken. also what i thought was a full meter was not. the meter never changes even with admin commands. I also made a second base in the highlands

I have same issue on my server. My player runs around since a week with full purge meter. Settings allow it to start any time.
We play with some mods on steam though.

I will test this soon on official too, nearly filled my bar up there. Will share my feedback again then.

I finally got logs from the server that show the following message
[2023.03.09-04.35.54:145][906]ConanSandbox: Purge Started at V(X=-77084.40, Y=153327.59, Z=-10873.15) for Clan 69, Using Wave An avalanche of Rocknoses
The X/Y coordinates seem accurate for where our base is. Not sure what the Z value should be though

On my private, home-hosted server we have six bases. Only three of them have had purges, and one of those had a purge where enemies never appeared. The successful ones were at jungle river and the other was in the middle of a pond north of Sepermeru. It seems to be heavily reliant on the location.

That’s odd. I have a number of private servers. Just checked and all clans/players have varying values in their purge-meters. Bases dotted all over the map(s).

Also, I have seen at least once that my Purge meter reset to zero when I logged on, a purge said xyz were scouting and then my connection failed. Once I had gotten connection sorted out again and was back online, my purge meter was still zero, the purge had not happened, and did not start, etc.

I do know some players make quite a bit of use of the Convergence Traps to generate controlled purges.

ps: for those interested, and you will have to go back a couple of years in their yubtub streams, either Firespark81 or wak4863 did a deep-dive into where on Exiled Lands what Purge mainly happens. Useful for those not having purge issues.

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