Purge not working on Private Server?

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Greetings All,
Can we get a DEV to explain the purge Mechanics.
Have a Gamserver Server.
Can only get bar to move a little then nothing.
Thanks All

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Could you check how high the server setting: purge meter update frequency is?

The lower this is the faster you will see the purge meter bar move.

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Hello and Thanks,
I have it at 30.
Now meter is full.
Has been like that for over an hour but no Purge yet.
No one else on server has had 1 yet.
Hope this helps
Thanks Again

I had mine get stuck before. I manually triggered a purge with commands, and that got it unstuck. Worked fine after that.
This was a reply from another person.
I managed to trigger it in the other players guild.
Let you know if I get one or not.
Have # of purges per day at 15
Thanks Again

I think the problem lies with the fact that it shows my clan to be offline.
If you need to be in clan that’s why it doesn’t work

This has nothing to do with it. Purges are supposed to work even without clans.

The Purge iteration 2 patch on April 25th is what caused this issue. There’s not much we can do. Funcom has to fix it.

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I keep hearing you have to be in clan.
Well they know about it then?
Thanks for the Heads Up.

Yeah they know. It has been reported a lot. Even by people in clans.

No problem.

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OK thanks.
See this is the problem on this forum.
To much misinformation and no updates by dev or reps.
Must be in clan,your settings need to be this and so on and on.
This is on the Head of Funcom.
Can you Imaging what an abortion this game would be if not for people like you and myself and others who take their time to answer our questions.
Again Thanks you and others.

yea I have had NO purge since release.
The bar doesn’t even go up much either. Its messed up bad.

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Thanks for the Update.

Keep in mind, that the Purges don’t happen in the Tier1 starting area either. To test the clan enrollment factor, just create a clan of 1.

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They don’t happen anywhere since they broke the system.

I started a clan just in case that was required (it’s not). My base is in the Highlands where we’re supposed to get mid-level purges. I get none, ever, regardless of the difficulty and purge settings.

It took about a week to get a purge after the April 25 purge update, since then I haven’t gotten another one.
Before that, I was getting multiple purges per day. Which I was happy with.

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we got 1 purge on private server since release.

we have stair etc over the world
we offen see message that the purge is comming, uslualy attaking stair and not our base.
then we got a second message that say the purge is decimated.

On time it go on our true base.
skulleton pop inside we kill 1 wave then purge stop

purge nevers came back after this.

the purge came 10 may, nothing after

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So in other words they lied to us about the purge being ready at release.
Thanks All

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Any update if they are working on a fix?

Just want to add another report of this. I wasn’t on at the time but 2 people were playing and told me about it last night as I’m the server admin. They received the purge incoming 10 minute warning, rallied up, waited, got a message that demons were incoming… and waited… and waited. Then after about half an hr, they received the purge defeated message, got the journey step, and nothing happened. They even ran about checking other structures that belong to the clan which scattered around the map, to double check that it wasn’t happening somewhere else, but nothing.

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Thanks Taiver for the heads up.
I hope the devs are listening.

Saw reports on boards here yesterday, that standard NPCs, including world bosses and animals, WILL attack Purge NPCs… so it could actually be going off fine, but they’re getting their butts whooped before they arrive. Food for thought.

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Thanks Karmana,
I don’t even get them unless I trigger them,no fun for others though.