The Purge Again and Again

Hey All,
Now when I log in my Meter is still where it was when I logged.
Other day I logged on and I went straight to the Purge.
Man oh man ever Day I keep finding bugs.
7 more days to go maybe less videos of trying to sell CE and pay attention to the game mechanics.

Solo mode? Official server? Otherwise it seems possible that your server admin has tweaked things or else your clan is building etc while you’re offline…
As is in solo i can reset the purge meter by logging…

Adjust Purge Meter Trigger Value in your Purge settings menu. Up for less purges and down for more. Mine is at about 25,000 right now and Its building at a decent pace. If you have alot of people in your clan then you would likely want to adjust that number upwards to slow the purge trigger ratio down.

This is not 100% clear what a good value is for any specific size clan so experiment with it. 20 to 25k seems god for one person maybe more if you dont want a daily purge.

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I did that its at 2000 like dev’s vid.

for me purge don’t work on live private server.

i’m wondering if purge is related to server restart, and as the server restart 3 time a day, maybe it’s why we never had purge.

just happened again 7 am in morning and right into a purge.

I have been playing on a private server and we seem to have purges exactly as we should. I see purge bug reports, but have not experienced any issues. I agree with your suspicion that restarts ■■■■■■ up the server, rather than sort it out. I would advise not having daily restarts.