Purge mechanics question - potential bug?

This may or may not be testlive related and also possibly a bug.

I am playing my dedicated testlive server again, with my cousin. Last time we played as a single clan, but I was consistently getting the purges at my bases and she never got one at her base. That could simply just be the odds in my favor, since I had 6 bases. At once point, we thought if she dropped clan, she would have more chance of getting her own purge, but dropping clan caused her to lose ownership of her base, so we clanned back up.

Now we did a fresh start and this time not in the same clan. There have been 2 purges so far. First one was me and so was the second. I play way more and it is my purge meter triggering the purges. However, she was very close to having her meter reach purge range, yet when the recent purge happened to my base, her meter reset to zero.

Is this how purges work on all servers? Purge will reset ALL players meters back to zero?

I have my purge set for only one player needing to be online for a purge to happen. If she had hit the mark before logging off, could a purge have happened to her while I was online, or can a purge only happen at your base if you are online?

Appreciate any expert help!

***** Editing with updates from below: So after more testing, purges aren’t resetting the the other players purge meters, but rather it is just a really fast purge meter decay that is happening when players are logged off. Hopefully this will get addressed to make it more possible for solo, clanless players to achieve a purge.


So another purge happened, set off by my purge meter and again, it cleared both my meter and my cousin’s meter. This does not seem right.

This was just prior to the new patch today, so it isn’t patch related.

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Yeah that doesn’t sound right. I don’t know if it’s common across TestLive, since the whole system is supposedly changed there (on current Live my meter resets to zero within an hour of me logging out).

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Bug or not (I’m not sure), I appreciate the testing and the reports. The Purge I think needs special attention during this testlive phase, so keep it up.


I read up on the sticky post in Players helping Players, which seems to indicate that they have a purge meter decay for clans that aren’t active, so that tells me a meter wipe is not intended.

Mikey, is your current Live a server or single play? I wonder if people are triggering purges after you log and resetting all meters?

Official server. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing Purges, haven’t heard about it but then chat is nearly dead these days.

Yeah that makes sense except if you’re a solo player, you can forget about Purges. It’s not clear to me whether this is the only issue plaguing Purges on Live, but I doubt it - since they were messed up even before the “meter decays for inactive clans” change.

Anyway, sorry, don’t want to pollute this TestLive bug report with further nonsense about current Live.

Carry on!

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Hey there,

Thanks for your feedback. Could you clarify a few points that are a bit unclear?
The issue you’re reporting, is it that even when you and your cousin are in different clans, both your meters are set back to 0 after any of you is purged?
Also, that your cousin never seems to be targeted by a purge, right?
Could you send some pictures of both your bases so we can see what’s happening?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Correct, we are in different clans now and both of our meters reset to zero when I get a purge. I play a significant amount more than she does, so in this situation, I would always get the purge and she never will. I’ll go take some pics. Both bases are really small so far. Will add the pics in about 30 min.

My cousin’s base is the river island where the starter oasis transitions to Jungle and her island has the Rotbranch boss on it.

My base is North shore of the Oasis River, right next to Lookout Point black hand camp. Directly south of the map marker for the camp.

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Thanks. We’ll send it to our team and they’ll look into it.

We did more testing on this. Seems there is a very high amount of purge meter decay. The purge is not resetting her meter when it purges on me. Her meter is decaying overnight.

This purge meter decay mechanic is decaying too fast. Way too fast. It basically kills purges for most single players. I am able to make the purges happen with faster purge settings and playing 12-16 hours in a day.

Hey @sirvink

Could you let us know what are your Purge settings?

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Got word back from our team regarding why only your base is being raided. It has to do with the logics behind the targeting, which in this case your cousin’s base still isn’t big/complex enough to be considered a target yet.
The meter being reset, though, is something we’re looking into what could be the cause for it.

Well, I guess it would be good to know how exactly the purge meter decay works. Personally I think there should be at least 2 days of no logging in before the meter starts to decay and then maybe lose 1/3 of a full meter every day after, if still no logging in.

If I am not mistaken, everyone wants a purge, for those rare T4 purge crafters. So to make purges decay so quickly as they are now, it is putting a pretty large wall in front of a casual gamer.


One more update on the purge meter. Last night I was at about 92% of the way to the first purge trigger bar. Logged out at 2am. Logged back in at noon today (10 hours later) and I’m at approximately 65% of the way to the first trigger bar. Just too much ground to lose in 10 hours. I expect I’ll need about 5-6 hours of gaming to recover that loss.

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