Purge Meter Emptied When Clan Created

Online, on US3
My purge meter was about halfway full this morning and I decided to create a clan. When i pressed enter after typing the clan name, the game froze and crashed.

When I logged back in, my Clan was created but my purge meter was empty.

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Hey there,

It seems that the issue is more the fact that your game crashed when selecting a name for your clan rather than the purge meter reset, which could be a secondary effect for it. Anyways, we’re sending your feedback to our team and they’ll see what could be causing this issue.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I can confirm that the Clan Meter does reset in solo play.

I was about 1/3 into my purge count and when I made a clan (thinking it was needed for the purge) the meter actually reset to 0. I didn’t have the error there. It is like that in live I can’t comment if it is fixed on test live. I just thought that was normal. I just assumed a Clan had a shared meter with the same threshold and so joining reset your personal meter to the clans. So a new clan would be at 0.

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thank you @Ignasi

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Can also confirm this happens in single player. I didn’t have a crash associated with it though.

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