Purge meter after creating a clan

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

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  1. Play untill purge preparation is starting
  2. create clan
  3. Fight purge
  4. After that - purge meter do not fill up

I do not know - is this happening cause of creating a clan while purge preparation, or cause Im alone in clan. But I tried change purge settings - and purge meter still do not filling up.

So if i understand right the situation, you created a clan while the purge was announced, but are still alone in your clan ?

Not sure about the clan creation, didn’t never create a clan while a purge was on the run.
What i know, it is lot harder to trigger and up the meter alone, that’s a fact.

You may want to adjust the purge requirements in order to trigger it, and fill the meter again.
I mostle lower the requirement (actions needed) and the number the meter will check for updates. Just below. Simply lower it. Mostly have it around 9-10 not more.
Then it depends lot your activity of course. Run around, explore and fight lot npc’s will rise the meter much more than building.

UPD: Server restart fixed the issue

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