[bug] Purge not happening in Single Player

I have been doing a lot of purge testing on my dedicated server. There are two of us on that server, but 2 out of my 4 purges have happened when I was the only one on the server at the time.

Those last two settings: 25,000 and 5. As I was reading in the Purge 101 sticky post, in Players Helping Players, the last setting (5) is how frequently all the purge meter increasing events get aggregated. That small number makes it go up much faster than the large number. So think of it this way… if you (or your clan) is actively doing stuff, your meter ticks up every 5 minutes, or every 10 minutes (if set to 10), etc.

Two things worth knowing:

  1. just sitting idle and doing absolutely nothing, the meter will rise. I logged in 2-3 hours ago and have been completely idle and my meter is up to 15% from zero.

  2. Being logged out makes your meter fall. With my meter settings of 25k and 5, I lose about 30% of a meter in a 12hr period of being offline. This is far too fast and I have another thread discussing this, so they are aware.

I’m thinking that the fast drop on my end is possibly faster than normal, because my update interval is at 5. A possible solution for me or other solo clans would be to set a very small meter trigger value and a high update interval. Say something like 1000 and 30.

A while back, I used to set my purges for a specific time window and it was really hard to get purges to fire off, even with maxed out purge bars. Now I do no time window at all, but require at least 1 player be active and up to 5 purges a day. The second my purge meter hits the purge line, I get a purge warning. Every time without fail now. Please try this in your single play ad see what happens?

I have a screenshot of my purge settings in this post of you want to replicate:

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