No purge on single player

Game mode: Single-player | Co-op
Type of issue: Bug?
Server type: PvE
Region: US/private
Mods?: None
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Purge meter has been full for days (like real days worth of played time) with no purge on my single player server. Finally got fed up with it and used admin command StartPlayerPurge and waited ~15 mins. Not sure if I’m using the command right but I tried both ‘StartPlayerPurge’ as well as 'StartPlayerPurge [PlayerName]" Nothing happened either time. Checked and rechecked all server settings (can’t post pic b/c new user):
Purge meter is completely full
Enable purge is checked
Purge level 3
Purge delay 5
No time restriction
Prep time 10
Purge duration 20
Minimum # players 1
Purge meter trigger value 15000
Purge meter update interval 1
Initial purge delay 2

edit: tried a few more commands with no luck. StartNextPurgePhase, FillAllClanPurgeMeters, FillPlayerClanPurgeMeter, and retried StartPlayerPurge as well as StartNextPurgePhase after each one. Still no purge :frowning:

Installed Mods:


Steps to Reproduce:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. Please be as detailed as possible; the more details, the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. umm…fill purge meter
  2. observe no purge triggering?

Are you playing on the Exiled Lands and built near the big river? There is a certain zone where purges never happen.
Move farther north or east and build there to test again.
Also, there is a minimum number of foundations required before a base is considered for a purge. I don’t recall the exact number but you can check the videos from Wak4863. He made one on the topic.

Hope this helps

A few questions:

  • What map grid is your base located in?
  • is your base large enough to attract a purge? (more than 50 linked building pieces, IIRC, including foundations, walls, roofs, etc. )
  • did you build the base you want to receive the purge with at least one foundation?

Observation: be careful what you wish for. Before I turned the purge off, three out of four purges spawned on my roof and wiped or severely damaged my base due to me not being able to properly defend. I am hoping the 2.8 patch addresses this so I can turn it back on.

Base is at the top left corner of F4. Definitely big enough, at least 400 foundation blocks (using foundation as walls instead of, y’know, walls).
Tbh Idc if they absolutely destroy me, I just want to get the journey step off the list. I just recently saw a “no purge zone” map but I have no idea how accurate it is, and if it is accurate, I’m right on the dividing line it looks like.
I’ll try a second base somewhere, but what exactly constitutes a “base”? 50+ linked pieces w/ at least 1 foundation? Or do I have to have my spawnpoint set there?
Thanks for the response!

Thanks for the response,
I’m thinkin I must be in the no purge zone. I’m in the top left of F4, and from the map I saw, looks like I might be right on top of the dividing line. My base is definitely big enough. I’ll try a new base, but what exactly constitutes a “base”? x+ blocks? or does my bed/spawnpoint need to be there as well?
Thanks again!

Yes. There should be foundations in the base. Even a cluster of 49 foundations attracts purge for me. There should be no additional small buildings and obstacles near the base, for example, my animal pen immediately blocks the purge.

As @Teng mentioned, a ‘base’ can be very rudimentary. doesn’t have to be anything fancier than tier one material (sandstone or flotsam). make sure it has at least one foundation piece, as the presence of a foundation is the determining factor for attracting a purge. Then it has to have enough linked pieces. I believe Wak4863 or Firespark81 have you tube videos illustrating how the purge works (and how to build to avoid it.

perhaps build a basic keep tower with foundations, walls, stairs to an upper floor and roof. Populate with thralls or pets if you want to defend it.

HI, a question,

How many slaves are usually requireds to support an purge? I have lv 60 in single mode, have 3 bases more or less ner the rivers, and the four too basic, near the astronomus some at N-O the map.
There I saw the red swords crossed. BUt I restarted the game hehe.


That really depends what purge. The weak ones down by the river (not in the no-purge zone, obviously) I usually defend against on my own with one follower. If it’s a tougher purge, or attackers can get to your base from all around, then you might want more followers. It also depends what levels your followers are and what equipment they have - if they are all level one with the most basic gear, they will obviously be a lot weaker and you would want a lot more - if they are level 20 with the best gear, then you wouldn’t need as many.

Next time will try with my little base at C-11. I have 4 colossal rhinos for support, almost distracting the enemies. But my principàl base is far from there, so… I need to teleport the rhinos hehe.
Have only two named thrals yet, and somes NIII. Don’t want to expose all my little army.

By the way a doubd. I have two normal rhinos in spare thinking about them like a near good provision of thick leather. Can I kill them to gain the leather??

thx in advance,

Interesting question.

Under normal PVE rules you would not be able to kill them yourself (to prevent accidentally killing them) - and ‘break bond’ just deletes them, so there would be no corpse to harvest. (If you are on singleplayer mode - then you could use admin settings to turn PVP on, then you might be able to kill them yourself - but it would also mean that you hit and hurt any of your followers every time you fight.)

If they die ‘normally’, then you would get a corpse that can be harvested (and I think still gives all the same hide as a wild rhino) - but I think they would have to be killed by an enemy.

If you leave them in a box to die (spoil timer runs out) - you would get an item (‘animal carcass’) that can be squashed in a fluid press for blood and bone, but no corpse in the world to skin for hide.

So I think the only way you could do it would be if an enemy killed the rhino.

Hehe it sounds more honorable, mp doubds.
But I rememeber whem I had only two hienas, one of them was killed by a stone nose, I tried to recover the skin or so, and it not worked. Only was enabled to take the animal and leave in a bag trash. Maybe I don’t did the correct procedure. Or some patches, changed that function?
I can try anyway, cos two normal rhinos dont have much power to defenses or training them up to lvl 20 and use like distraction for the enemies.
Beter go hunting them hehe

HI CE people,

I had my first purgue! Just at left upper corner of F-4 near to albino bat tower.


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