Purge not triggering in Singleplayer

I bought this game for SP base building and defending a few weeks ago but couldn’t get purge to trigger even with full meter (At level 40). A few common mods are installed but removing them did nothing. Playing around with a bunch of settings and cheating the purge finally started working (Last change was increasing purge trigger value from 5,000 to 20,000).
I started a new SP game with the settings that seemed to work and now I’m at level 44 with still no purge.

Startplayerpurge, startnextpurgephase etc seem to do nothing at all.

Current settings (tried a lot of different things):
Purge enabled
level 2
delay 1
no time restrictions
10 min prep time
30 min duration
0 min online players
building allowed
20,000 trigger value
Update interval 1

I’ve tried making other bases in different locations, joining a clan, waiting etc. Any help would be appreciated!

I just tried a new playthrough last night in single player with the new patch. Purge worked just fine (level 21). Had a cackle of hyenas attack me. I have my Purge at 10,000 trigger value for faster Purges (which is why I got one so early).

I think your settings have it “off.”

Try putting it to “1” (at least one person has to be online for a Purge to trigger – in singleplayer, that means “you”)

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Thank you for suggestions! Purge is definitely enabled in the server settings.

I doubt the recent patch is the problem as I had the same issue two weeks ago, although it somehow got temporarily resolved.

The settings I have now aren’t the only ones I’ve tried, I keep changing them to see if anything else works when no purge is launched (starting off with default settings but reduced threshold). I’ve until recently kept the minimum amount of players as 1 so that’s not the issue.

Several questions, in no real order.

1st, were are you built? There are locations that will not trigger it. Grab some foundations, and slap them down in other areas. You may “instantly” trigger one. (had to do this a few times over years)

2- What time do you have it set for? May not be playing during right time. (you can change this) Its base on real day clock, not in-game)

3- When bar fills, you have a “chance” for a purge. It can even fill and then go poof with no purge…thou, only heard of this, never have it happen outside changing the setting which can reset it)

4- Like #3, depending on amount of foundations, or bases about map, it can take abit of time for game to cycle thru them and pick one. (thou, in SP, it’ll often pick the base your near.

Amount of player set to 0, is fine. Just want to make sure time frame is good, and your in a good spot.

Thank you for your suggestions, I really appreciate it. The purge was my main motivation to play and I’ve spent days trying to make it happen.
I have tried placing fundations around the map, even made a second base close to the friendly NPC city, purge meter just stays filled - no purge. Mouseover text says “Your base has been found and the purge will come looking for you eventually”, as it has for many days.

Not sure what else to try, perhaps reinstalling the game, but not if that means I have to start over again, it took me forever to reach level 46 and all my gear/materials/base.

Try increasing the level of the purge and decreasing the trigger value.

I’ve tried every purge level 1-6 and filling up purge levels with all kinds of trigger value from 100 to 20,000

I just tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and it had no effect. Purge in singleplayer just isn’t happening even with purple bar full.


Since your on PC. https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Admin_Panel#Admin_commands

Try some of Purge Commands if you can. StartPlayerPurge etc.

For the new people in SinglePlayer who can’t start their purge, I think I figured it out.

  • Set the purge to your liking (score, times, etc).
  • Make a clan (might not be needed but it doesn’t hurt).
  • Fill the purge meter (normally or with the admin command: FillPlayerClanPurgeMeter)
  • Type twice one after the other: StartPlayerPurge. (mind any time restrictions you may have set).
  • If nothing happens (meter is not empty and still full), your building is likely too small to be purged. By trial and error, I figured that only buildings above 835 building score will make your clan eligible for a purge in the desert.

How to check your building score:

  • Enabled Building Decay (you can turn it off later).
  • In the ServerSettings.ini add the following line DecayShowBuildingScore=True.
  • Check your score, if below 835, add more pieces. The higher tier, the more points you get. 835 is about 40 T3 foundations.
  • Once you reach 835, try again StartPlayerPurge x2. It should work.

If your score falls below 835 (e.g some pieces are destroyed) and you relog, you will be stuck with no purges again until you raise it.

1 T1 foundation seems to give 1. 1 T3 foundation gave me 21. The other pieces also add to the score, the higher tier the better.

:loudspeaker:IMPORTANT: After further testing, it turns out that the purge areas have different score threshold. 835 was sufficient for the desert area (E8). However, for the snowy area (G11), I needed about 1.9k building score.

Let me know if it works for you.


I forgot to mention this, in SP you often need to be in a Clan.(its on ps4) (Not sure if its still bugged, were you argo some of thralls/pets when making one after setting up)

This requirement doesn’t apply to PCs.

I can confirm that what Narelle suggested worked and my quality of life is now improved by 500%. (I basically made a tower of about 200 Black Ice foundations, and tore it down after the purge finally triggered) Devs really should have informed about this requirement somewhere. I hope other people struggling in the future will find this thread. Thank you Narelle!!

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@intelcore I am glad it worked. After you relog though, your score will be cleared. So you will have to upgrade your main base or build a tower again next time you want a purge :smiley:

Meanwhile, I am not sure how the zones are divided but at noob river (g4), I needed 1100 score to trigger the purges. I guess they don’t want to purge newbies which is kinda cool.

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