Purge won't start in Single Player

I bought this amazing game mainly to play SP building base to defend against AI, as well as complete journey. Without purges the base building/thralls feels pointless and the Journey can’t be completed, until I cna make purge happen I’ve lost interest in the game. I’ve tried everything, including commands, tinker all kinds of server settings etc, nothing helps, been googling and testing for hours. I’m all out of ideas, is there anything else I can try?

When the purge bar is filled a purge may spawn but not immediately so it takes a few to get the purge but it will eventually spawn but I don’t remember the ratios just give it time and it will

I have been playing many hours daily for several days and no signs of purge incoming. Are we talking many dozen play hours between each purge?

Through the admin/settings panels, you should be able to remove the time restriction from the default setup. Then, on a PC, you just need the command to start the purge.

I’ve tried the commands StartPlayerPurge and StartNextPurgePhase many times, nothing happens. The purge meter is still full.
Tried all kinds of settings, currently:
purge enabled, level 6, delay 1, no restriction, 10 min prep time, 30 min duration, 0 min. number of players online, 1000 purge meter trigger and update interval 1.

have you made a clan?

I don’t know if this is still in effect, but when I was first testing the purge in my single player game
I had to create a clan just for my character, before the purge would start.

It’s something to try.
and don’t worry about losing anything I’ve created and left many clans in single player without losing anything.

I tried making a clan, it had no effect - still no purge :frowning:

It’s just a wait game on single player going on and off resets the server and it could reset the time day every 5 minutes increase chance by 1% but when you log off it could reset the chance and start at like 15% I’m not sure what the base chance is but yeah

I tried increasing the purge meter trigger value from 5,000 to 20,000 and perhaps that did the trick. As soon as the new purge meter filled up I was attacked by tons of waves of hyena monsters, who killed my 5 T3 fighting thralls, my bed and a bunch of other important stuff. Worth it!

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