Purge does not trigger (Single Player)

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: Everywhere

I have been playing with full purge meter for over 20 hours, but the purge does not trigger.

My purge settings:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Fill up the purge meter
  2. Wait for a purge to happen


doing tests on solo game (until some of the bugs are corrected as they’re crucial for my solo survival), I wasn’t able to trigger a purge with default parameters until … I went to youtube and followed what the guy said : create a clan, fill purge meter, start the purge (starnextpurgephase in the console).
I’ll give a try without starting the purge manually. On single player (“offline”) game, the 1 online may lock the purge. This also needs testing.


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Does he mean startnextpugephase? Are u missing the second “t”? Normally the console commands use the whole word and it also auto-fills when you type in a recognized command.

Hello again

@SirCharlesEdward : I typed it a bit fast without re-reading and not pasting from console ^^

This afternoon tests : purge parameters set to 2mn preparation, 10 mn duration and the two lasts at 10 and 1 ( the toon triggers a purge just by breathing :slight_smile: )

Note : God mode, no need to eat, just playing the God of Murder and Destruction.

  • Level 60 with a clan and just a fiber bedroll at the top of a cliff near Skyholme : purge triggered automatically.

  • Level 30, no clan, a hide rug and a rawhide bedroll : purge meter filled but no purge triggered (more than 1h30)

  • Level 8, with a clan, a fiber bedroll, a camp fire, 6 pieces of a T1 house : purge triggered automatically. I then set 2 last purge settings from 10-1 to 200-1, emptied purge meter and waited, (the toon has to breathe 2 times to trigger a purge :smile: ) Purge triggered automatically again.

The clan may be one of the keys to solve the problem.


Take a look at your Clan/Player status in your inventory, are you marked as OFFLINE?

All of the players on our server have the same issue and we believe it has something to do with the incorrect status of being off-line, as the server is set to need 1 player online, the Purge simply never gets triggered.

Adding/Promoting/Demoting a player in the Clan will fix the status, but even after doing this, they still havent seen a purge.

I was in clan when the purge was not triggering, and I wasn’t marked offline in clan list. I had set minimum number of online player to zero and that had not helped either.

I started building a new base in starter/river area and the purge triggered for the first time. I had 3 basses in different locations before this happened.

I have the same problem. Tried to make different settings, did not help. It started after the ‘mother of all patches’.

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