Single-Player Purge Query - Should I create a clan?

Playing single player, I’ve been eligible for a purge for awhile now without getting one (2 play sessions of several hours each), and I’m starting to wonder if it’s bugged for me (I understand the purge mechanic is pretty buggy currently).

I’m not sure if I’ve been unlucky so far, or if it is supposed to be a relatively rare event.

Looking for information online about how the mechanic is supposed to function (& purge server settings), I found a variety of experiences and opinions, some of them conflicting. It seems that people don’t generally know exactly what is going on, and funcom isn’t saying?

If funcom has indeed provided specific details of how the purge mechanic functions, could you please point me towards it as my google-fu has been insufficient.

The wiki suggests that when playing single player you need to have created a clan in order to trigger the purge, though I have read people claiming otherwise. However, it warns that doing so after having started building might make me lose ownership of all my buildings and thralls, which obviously I would not want to do at this point.

I figure I’ll keep playing for a bit and then try creating a clan after backing up my save-game (I’m on pc).

  1. Do you really need to have created a clan to trigger the purge in single-player? (This seems counter-intuitive, surely the game would have warned me of this? Or is this only needed due to the mechanic being bugged?)

  2. I should be able to revert my game back to the pre-clan save without any problems, right? Right?

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It used to be you had to create a clan to be purged, but that was fixed forever ago.

Is your purge stuck on full for the meter? Or is it just not filling up?

If it’s full, then try typing into the console while in admin (I’m probably getting the commands not exactly right)


That will of course force the purge to start right away. But after that, every refill should be unstuck now. And if it gets full again/stuck for a while, you can get it unstuck by the same method.

Now if it’s not filling up hardly at all, you should check your purge settings themselves. Specifically, the the last 2. Setting the total purge meter to something low (say 10k or 20k, or lower if you want) and setting the tick rate to 1, will bring on the purge pretty quick. Once you have a feel for how often the purge is happening with those lower numbers, you can adjust from there.

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If I remember correctly, I believe a 10k Purge setting in single player will allow a player to reach level 60 before the first Purge hits. It takes a while. And once a Purge is available (ie. Purge meter is across the line, but not quite maxed yet) it usually doesn’t take long for it to activate in single player. After all, the player is the only one eligible for a Purge attack.


Not if you set the tick rate to 1. I promise it will go up fast then (means it ticks every minute for a minimum of 62.5 pooints) Default purge value I believe is 1 mil.

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When on singleplayer turn off the restrict purge time, if its on :slight_smile:

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Purge meter is filling up no problems, it has hit the first line, but is not yet completely full. It has taken me until level 46 with current (default) settings and the way I’ve been playing. Default purge meter trigger value: 42,000 & purge meter update interval: 15 (both of which are far to the left of the slider).

The tool-tip for the purge meter trigger value says, 'Raising this increases the amount of different selected actions clans or players can do until they are eligible to be purged", which I read as meaning that raising it above the default 42,000 either reduces the number of actions that count towards raising the purge meter, or makes actions contribute less to the purge meter (or some combination of the two). Either way, lowering the number brings on a purge more quickly unless I’m mistaken.

Maybe the meter needs to actually cross over the first line and not just hit it? Since I thought I was eligible once I hit it, I have sort of stopped doing stuff (building & raiding npcs) and have mostly just been harvesting resources around my base (for several hours over 2 days irl), so as to be ready to defend it and hopefully snag a named thrall or two. So the meter hasn’t moved any further and isn’t actually past the line. Maybe that’s my problem. That, and I’ve been getting sick of harvesting waiting for the kettle to boil lol.

I am also just about to start building a new, bigger better base at a different location, but I didn’t want the purge to trigger there before I’m all set up.

Thanks for the advices, I think I’ll speed things up a bit just to get this first one happening, and then as you say, adjust from there. If it actually gets completely full and still doesn’t trigger, I’ll force it with the console and hopefully that will unclog the works.

Restrict purge time was off by default and I left it that way.

Good to know I don’t need to bother with a clan and risk borking my game.

Cheers for all the help :slightly_smiling_face:

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42,000 points. With an update interval of 15. Yeeks.

So, that means that every 15 minutes, you get 62.5 (passive points awarded every tick, per the dev kit) points added to reach that 42,000 threshold. + some extra points for killing something, crafting something, and/or building something (but it only counts once for each of these things every 15 minutes).

So, you have a threshold of 42,000 points to hit the purge chance, and best case scenario you were getting about 100 points or so per 15 minutes. You do the math :stuck_out_tongue:

It does need to HIT that first line become eligible. Then anytime between the first line, and the second line (including filling up all the way to the second line and staying there for a bit), you will get purged. But not until that first line is hit.


Have to agree with @Multigun. I don’t think I changed the default interval, but yes, that can speed up how fast a Purge can be eligible.

In single player, I’ve had a Purge hit right as the Purge meter crossed the line as well as having the Purge meter maxed out for several game sessions. So I can affirm that Purges happen between the first line and maximum, but there’s no way to predict when that’s going to be (unless you use an Admin/console command to force it).


Oh, I’m an idiot, it literally just means the threshold for purge eligibility. How did I misread that :crazy_face:

Well, the slider goes all the way up to 9,999,999. I guess for people who REALLY don’t want many purges.

The pace hasn’t felt bad to me, though everything is new the first time you play. Could have happened earlier for sure and I’ll most likely be keeping it at a lower threshold from now on. Interesting that it’s mostly just a time spent in-game thing. Funny, it hasn’t felt that way as I’ve been playing, it seemed like it went up much quicker when I was building my base.

I wonder what level the devs intend for players to trigger a purge with the default settings.

Ya I like to live in a dangerous world, so I have it set to basically happen every hour.

Here is some info regarding how you are affected in purge points by building stuff, killing stuff, crafting stuff (the source is a primer offered to modders in a freely available .pdf on the mod discord):

These activities are checked every [n] minutes (default 15) by the server. It doesn’t matter if
you have killed a single human or 500, the same amount of points are still given out.

So technically, it should be going up faster when you are building, but not like, super faster. I’ve been debating on making a mod, actually, that switches the roles up a bit. Having a passive timer (but lower amount), yes, but also making it so it’s more activity based. So instead of 18 points for building or killing something, it’s like 200. Converting a tier 4 thrall is like, 1000 (instead of 0 where it is now). Stuff like that.

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Every hour! The default setting is for them to last 30 mins? How could you ever find time to go adventuring? And I’m assuming level 6 isn’t enough for you either since you’re looking to make a mod that increases the challenge (your thread Purge Observation Request).

Great idea btw, I’d give you some feedback, if i’d, well… experienced a purge yet. I will most likely be interested in a mod like that some time down the road though, and I’m betting plenty of other people will as well. Tweaking the meter from passive to activity-based also sounds great to me - it’s what I had assumed happened, partly because it makes sense to me that as you achieved things in the world, your reputation/base grew as a proportional threat to the locals, who want to then take you out.

Btw, @Multigun, do you have a way to accept donations? Your LBPR mod(s) are just essential. They make building sooo much better. I’d like to give you a small token of appreciation if I can.

Not yet for donations. Haven’t had time to set one up, but you aren’t the first to ask (which I’m eternally surprised and grateful about). Its something I’m thinking about doing though.

Per my observation request (which I also asked on reddit), it sounds more like I just need to tweak the newbie areas. The northern areas sound like they get slammed pretty hard. So that’s where I’m heading with that (eventually)

And the Purge lasts up to a designated time, but will also go away as fast as you murder it down too. I think I might be exaggeration on the every hour part though, but then its also been months since I last actually, you know, played (May). Been too busy modding.

It’s a little difficult to set up the activity based since it’s still only records once per tick (and isn’t editable, that stuff is in the code that I cant see). But I think if you set it to 1 minute ticks or another low number it might work okay. It’s mostly just theory atm.

Well, just so long as you know you’re appreciated. Just a way to say thanks really :hugs: Mods as good as LBPR mean a lot.

Also really helpful infos on the purge mechanic, exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to find. Now I know what I’m doing and don’t have to worry in ignorance.


Finally got purged! :partying_face:

It just took awhile, longer than I expected.

With the default settings my purge meter was filling so slowly that it would have been a long time before it completely maxed out (beyond the eligibility threshold I was already at), though I don’t know if that would make a difference to whether the purge gets triggered or not. So, I’m not sure whether tweaking the settings as Multigun suggested helped bring on the purge, or if it will just make them happen more often in the future (adjusting the frequency to my preference).

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