Complete lack of Purge events


The mechanics of the purge system (not to mention the bugs) need a massive overhaul. before the pets update i would get a purge once a week by nakid thralls (broken) but now i have 0 chance of getting a purge EVER despite doing a wide variety of things each night.

on the steam store page you currently have this written in the advertising
‘Eventually you will attract the attention of monsters and other NPC inhabitants of the Exiled Lands, causing a Purge event.’

i’m curious if you are going to now remove this line from the game advertisement or fix it so that purges can once again happen (even if they are bugged)?

i do really like this game and want to see it succeed but sometimes it feels like things are just being blatantly ignored.

(playing on official server - pve)


I would like to say that they have not disabled Purges. An occasional ‘complete lack of purge events’ is already part of the bugs, see some of my scrabbled down notes on the wiki… The Purge#Issues. (2nd point, last line)

Now, I’m suprised to verify that you are playing on a pve server, which is in line with the notes. I could imagine that it even goes without that given.

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think the highest my meter has gone is about 8% (2 player active clan) then it goes back down to 0%. i really hope they are working on it. would be nice if they made it character level based and not area based as its suppose to be a survival game. too many people deliberately building in low areas for weak purges.

thanks for letting me know though

In practic the purge is dispanded, its almost imposeble to get the purge meter up and its geting worsby week.

Yes spec on the pve server is a big need to get the purge working. Need a reason to build defenses and geting thralls and pets. And all games need som sort off Money drain. And that hardly exist on the pve serves. on pvp server is a big drain and the system is adapted to that.

Probably not intentionally. But they’re definitely very broken on all gPortal-based servers (which includes all official servers).

@Mikey I actually been purged once a week for 1 month on my official server. No issues.

I am in a rather large clan though with many many buildings. The purge has been a joke each time we never even respond to it. They pop a few walls but mostly the thralls and pets kill everything fast. They need to make the purge 10-20x stronger and make them last until you kill it not just 30 mins so you can ignore it…

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The reset seems to mostly happen when no-one from the clan is online, which I suppose makes it possible for large clans to “outpace” whatever f’ed up mechanic is leaving purges broken everywhere else.

Sorry by large I meant the buildings and terriorty we have. We are actually only three members.

Oh well so much for that theory. Just seemed to match what I’ve seen on my own server: the only ones getting a - very occasional - Purge were the biggest clan, who almost always has someone online.

Maybe it’s tied to terriorty controlled and not log in time…

Stands to reason with larger member class have a ton of crap while smaller ones normally don’t.

Nope it is not. I had started building a base on an official, and just had dumped down like 20 foundations, and it hit me.

Purges have been broke since conception. I’ve never really gotten them to function but horribly one time.

On this, this is or will be fixed soon. We’ve had to remove the notice on the wiki with the explanation for that one.

I second that Purges are working on some officials. We live on official 1808. We are successfully (as in they actually show up and do damage) attacked about twice a month. I actually had one hit while I was on tonight, north of the Salt Flats. Three waves of skeletons. I believe the warning was “An undead spirit approaches”

Soon, or soon™ ? It’s certainly been quite a while already with no purges. Hopefully not much longer.

Lol, Ark player detected.

Not at all. Soon™ is much, much older than either Ark or CE.

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The Ark devs used it a lot, promising patches for the next week that would come months later.

We know that the Purge isn’t currently working as intended and we have a coder looking into it. He’s made some changes to how many “Purge points” you get per action and how often they’re doled out to players (they were currently a bit too low, which caused the Purge bar to barely move). He’s also looking into the different way the Purge tracks who’s online and who’s not when the system chooses who to attack.

We’ve informed Gportal about the spelling error and they corrected it. Our QA guys are running several tests on the Purge to see how it performs and have managed to trigger the Purge several times. The spelling error is not the main issue with the Purges.

There will be changes rolled out to improve the Purge.

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