Purge: what do you think about it and what do you want from it?

So, let’s talk about the purge. What do you think about it? What are your experiences with it? What works well, what doesn’t? What should be changed? What do you want from it?


I want it to show up in the devkit so we can mod it :joy:


The biggest thing I’d like to see with the purge is for the NPCs to be unable to damage buildings without siege weapons. It breaks immersion and gets annoying to see a pack of wolves chewing through T3 structures or nearly naked darfari with stone and bone weapons cutting hardened brick and stone.

Instead, non-sieging NPCs (such as natural animals and normal weapon equipped humans) should focus on attacking players and NPCs, and certain Purge NPCs are equipped with orbs or other explosives, as well as larger creatures and demons, and maybe sorcerers using Lightning Storm would be the only ones capable of hurting buildings.

Right now the random spawn with random stuff attacking random things is just boring. If they didn’t deliver unique thralls to our doorsteps, I can’t see very many enjoying the experience as its merely a distraction, unless of course they need the distraction.


To me, after garnering everything that can be gained out of them, about the only useful purpose I can see with the purge is basically a cleanup operation to get rid of annoying, lag inducing, excessive over building in PVP and PVE-C (if it’s even enabled for the latter) whether it’s abandoned or not. A useful garbage removal service imho that doesn’t happen frequently enough to deal with those builds in which the owner logs in just long enough to refresh the decay timers (which I consider to be an exploit for obvious reasons).

On a privately run server though, about it’s only useful purpose is to “harvest” potential named employees out of it if there is really any serious reason to do so. But if you already have a full compliment of named employees … it becomes a repeating annoyance.
Well, or perhaps more of a thrill for those that prefer the occasional challenge.

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I have them disabled since I prefer having small decorative builds and the last thing I want is having some of these glitched purges spawning inside.

I still remember being purged on officials by rocknose purges every single time, it was a complete waste of time. Nowadays, thralls get more and more useless so there is really no point in having risk with no reward for me personally.

For the times I had them enabled on my private server, they kept spawning on my balcony even though my base was on flat ground easily accessible. Not to mention all the glitched purges that keep warning you but never spawn so you have to run around to see if they will actually spawn or not.

So yeah, disabled they remain.


For me personally, I would like to see Purges in the River biome again. While well intentioned, the addition of the ‘no purge’ area (pictured below) was counter productive. For one T1 puges are just lightweight enemies such as imps, starving Exiles and and hyenas. Not even difficult for a newer player. It meant that most newer players got to experience T1 purges as a form of ‘training puge’ before graduating to T2 & T3 purges. However, the change made the area where T1 Purges still actually exist so tiny, you would likely miss it unless you looked up where it is. Here is size of the current no purge area. It’s massive.

So this means that in all likelihood the newer players first purge will now be a T2 (or T3) purge instead. To each man his own opinion, but I felt it was much better before.

I would ask this: restore T1 purges in the River biome. Or if Funcom do not wish to restore T1 purges, then please create an Admin Setting which will allow Singleplayers and Private Server admins to reactivate the Purge in that area.


I’m a simple man, but I like to dream big.

  1. Purges should scale based on success or failure…something like 7 days to die where if you fail the purge, the next one will not necessarily be harder.

  2. Alternatively, the purge has endless waves that just increase in power as a previous wave is defeated, with better and better rewards. Rather than “clear 4 waves”, it just lasts 30 minutes. Kill slow? Fine, but no real valuable loot.

  3. Or, alternatively, have the purge last 30 minutes with 5 minute checks for additional waves. If most of the mobs are dead, the next wave spawns harder mobs with better loot, if mobs still up, additional waves spawn similarly leveled mobs to give some tension, but not suddenly Rockslide a noob base.

Basically, ideally, whatever your power level or skill, 5e purge should feel like you survived by the skin on your teeth…just the better prepared guys get better loot.

  1. Oh, add explosive enemies to take out walls. Or allow them climb or otherwise no just stand there punching bricks.

Ugh, that horrible purge tier map will not die. Where did you manage to dig that up from?

It is utterly outdated, highly misleading, and will get people and their bases killed.

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I was about to comment on that, Sobek Purges anyone? :smile_cat:


Thought about that climb. If a purge was a bunch of spiders that could climb the walls, just think of the horror. Yes, I want to see them climb. (No, no spiders in noob river).

Maybe only purge-spiders can climb. :thinking:


I like the purge. But my first siptah purge was very destruktive. I avoid them now. I would like a system that regulates the difficulty on siptah.

Talking Purges:
What is the purpose of the Purge? Simply put, its a “tower defense” part of the survival genre. The goal in tower defense is to defend a player’s territories or possessions by obstructing or killing enemy attackers from breaching the walls and entrances (ie. to “survive”). In Conan Exiles, if you die, you respawn. So at most, you only lose some “stuff” and that can be replaced. But it tests your strategic defenses (how you build and set up your defenses). In other words, since you cannot experience perma-death (and will just respawn), the primary objective is the survival of the base rather than the player.

Current Implementation:
Unfortunately, the Purge has some severe limitations (as many have pointed out above). Currently, purges

  • use primitive tools to ‘magically’ destroy walls (even small animals can ‘chew’ through steel)
  • AI pathing sends them ‘no where’ or worse, to ‘magically spawn’ inside a base or its rooftop
  • Purge NPCs cannot swim or climb (making players design bases to take advantage of its limits)
  • Purges “levels” are often based on location rather than the size of the base or level of the player
  • Purges are not very rewarding (making the effort to do them ‘not worth it’)

Fixing Purges for the Future:

  1. Purges should be threatening (its boring if a Purge isn’t challenging), but still allow victory to be possible. After all, a Purge is supposed to be just that – these folks don’t like you and they want you gone. So, they need to bring forces and firepower large enough to do just that.

  2. Purge sizes and difficulty should be based on what they are attacking (not its location). If they are taking on a tiny hut on the river, it should be a small Purge. If they are taking on a sprawling fortress in the jungle, it should be a massive purge. Let the size of the purge be based on the size of the base and materials used. Thus, massive yet Sandstone vs. moderate yet Stonebrick are factors that determine the size of the purge.
    Likewise, a purge on a level 10 player ought to be very lower level whereas a purge on a level 60 player ought to be very skillful. Let the difficulty skill level of the purge be based on the skill level of the player. For clans, the highest level member sets the difficulty level of the purge (whether currently online or not).

  3. Purges need to be able to attack and defeat the base along the same rules that apply to the player. So, if players attack a base, they siege it. Thus, Purges should have, and use, siege weapons, to destroy the doors, walls, and defenses of the player’s base.
    a. Purges use siege weapons
    b. Purges use explosives
    c. Purges use siege animals (rhinos, elephants, rocknoses, etc)
    d. Purges use archers and fighters defend their own siegers (until they can breach an opening)
    e. Purges should be able to climb walls (require players to put in anti-climb defenses)
    f. Purges should be forced to path to a base (not spawn in side or on the roof).

  4. Purges need more siege options. Siege weapons should include a wide arsenal of options such as:

  • siege tower
  • battering ram
  • catapult and onager
  • mangonel and trebuchet
  • ballista and scorpio
  • ladders and climbing ropes
  • siege hooks (for pulling down walls)
  • and orbs with explosives, poison gas, tar, and combined orb attacks
    Meanwhile, players need more defensive options, too.
  1. Purges should be focused on wiping out the player’s base (but there are some items that are more valuable than others). Have purges focus on destroying the player’s respawn point, crafting stations, and supply boxes. If a Purge gets into your base, it oughta hurt.

  2. Purges should have unique valuable rewards. I would suggest perhaps that purges are the only way to get T5 thralls. What I have in mind is something like a named “master craftsman”. Take, for example, the Blacksmith: There are 3 types of Tier 4 Blacksmiths with different bonuses:

  • Edgesmiths provide maximum armor penetration
  • Bladesmiths provide maximum damage
  • Tempersmiths provide maximum durability
    A Master Blacksmith can do ALL three (provide maximum armor penetration, maximum damage, and maximum durability). It would make the reward something unique and doesn’t fundamentally change the existing mechanics in the game (since these features already exist). It would allow players to “collect” and consolidate their bases and does not give a ‘power’ advantage since T4 crafters can do that, too. The same approach can be applied to Armorsmiths and Carpenters.
  1. Purge Admin controls need more options. Some players don’t like purges (so keep the ability to turn them off). Some players don’t like animal purges (while some players don’t like human only purges) – having options to control purge composition would be great. Some players want to ramp up the difficulty way beyond level “6” while others prefer slower purge progression (so extending the purge difficulty for a larger spectrum would be good).

Purges can be a fun, challenging system, but it does need some love to fix its issues.


This might be possible.

This probably isn’t.

The size of the base and the tier of the pieces might be good proxies for player level, but due to clans, actual player level is likely not something you can expect.


I believe all Purges need to have T4 thralls as a reward. If the Purge is what you enjoy and work towards, it’s very dissatisfying working so hard to get a bunch of Animals or Skeletons!


I’d like to see the convergence trap implemented on EL. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that you can manage your purges on Siptah, but not on the og map. The capability is there, as I’ve done it prior to shutting down the transfers, so it seems silly not to be able to still do it. As someone who’s in a different time zone from my server, it makes it annoying to be at work during purge times. If I could induce the purge or wipe it all together, it would be much more convenient. It gets annoying to have to stop playing on the map to wait for the meter to fall.


Or cultists. :expressionless:

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It was remarkably easy to find actually. Type ‘conan exiles purge map’ into your search engine > click on ‘image’, then surely enough, upper left corner very first image to appear.

I like how your entire post was dedicated to ridiculing that map while also ignoring the take home message of the post. It was there to reinforce a point; that the entire River biome used get purges and should once more. Nothing further.


I have a personal vendetta against that map. I have been trying to erase it from existence for quite some time now and it keeps coming back.

I don’t have any issues with the point of your post. Only that map.

Can’t say a lot on purges, I usually end up playing single player.

I only ask one thing, do not spawn purges in side my base. I never had an issue with purges till they started spawning inside my base in 3.0; never had it happen before then.

I had a normal purge, rocknoses attacked my set alter platform at the bottom of my base stair; north side. They destroyed the alter, killed 3 dancers to set and a stair archer in the first 2 waves. By the third I’d moved enough fighters from the east side to fight them off. Loved it, show me the weaknesses in my defenses. Rebuilt with those in mind. next purge spawn literally in the middle of my base, in side the keep it’s self. Started with rocknoses, ended with avalanches, lost most all my thralls, all my pets, leveled my base and stood there and laughed at me. Packed up what was left move to the other side of the river.

Note: Back to single player, have had enough of the official servers.

Keep your personal vendettas to yourself please. I would further point out that the map of the Wiki has its own inaccuracies. Assuming I have used it correctly, there is no band of desperate Exiles, swarm of imps, horde of Dafari cannibals, followers of Asura (or also cultits in my bases case) Purge in the River biome. And certainly not within the perimeters it depicts.