Purge Improvements - A need for Siege weapons on PVE

Couple things that I would find tremendously awesome.

1 - the purge right now only throws the same type of enemies at us. I know its supposed to rotate through different enemy types. It would be awesome if this was resolved, and would be huge.

2 - the purge bringing in siege equipment. If we have walls, that the purge brings catapults and explosive jars and uses them. Right now, at least in my experience, they just beat on the walls with their weapons. Make the equipment choice on the purge match the need.

3 - that there be areas on the map walled off that the players need siege equipment to break into. All of the inhabitants live in areas that have no real walls or gates. There are a myriad of ways to get in. I’d like to see a couple of really tight secure areas that you need explosives and catapults to breach.

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1 and 3 I agree with :slight_smile: 1 would be the best, because as is, after the big patch, I’ve only gotten Relic Hunter purges, where I used to get Locust purges too… Thats sort of sad, honestly
2 I’m sort of mixed on, because that could become very annoying and damaging, breaking walls and such more or less every purge… Admittedly, it’d make it so I don’t just stockpile ressources all the time, and have to actually replace some things, but… Well, Suppose it’d be interesting, but… Sort of mixed on it anyhow :stuck_out_tongue: good suggestion overall though
3 would be amazing! Means I’d not just build a treb just for the journey step, but actually make a small siege in a spot… I’m fully down for that part! :smiley:

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I feel that a big part thats missing (for me) is that siege weapons of any kind are never seen on my server because we are PVE. I think that if its a legit tool for PVP servers, that the NPCs should also utilize them.

Otherwise honestly with T3 walls in most places, the purge is mostly comedy. You stand up on the wall laughing and aren’t in any real danger. Its almost as useful as not having a purge on at all.

If your walls can be damaged, there is an actual threat to the purge again.


Good point… Suppose it would be a pretty neat thing then, thinking about it like that…

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I have seen some exiles hurling demon orbs in the later waves.


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