Idea: Combine Purge & Raid

I assume the new Purge is not going to be overwhelmingly hard for any well prepared clan. It’ll turn from a menacing challenge to a generous offer of unlimited explosive arrows very quickly.
So how about activating Purge & Raid Time at the same time for additional thrills?
The Rules and Changes are:

  1. Raid only happens simultaneously with Purges. There will no longer be offline raiding.

  2. Everyone will be notified of the Purge and decide whether they want to join the Purge.

  3. The raiding clan joins the Purge so that defenders will be actively engaging the siege rather than yawning in their chair and watching NPCs fight each other.

  4. Bombs will be uncraftable. The raiders lack essential means to break a wall on their own.

  5. The NPC demolishers and trebuchets will be the key to winning the battle. They are the only means to take you thru the walls. As a raider, you will try hard to protect them. As a defender, kill them at all cost.

  6. Treasures are the only loot they can raid from your base. Any hard-earned mats or gears are non-lootable. So losing a siege doesn’t mean the end of the world and likely quit, it means something’s wrong with your defense plan and you need a better design or tactic to perfect it. That’s it.

  7. All in all, why do I want to join a raid / trigger a purge? What’s the reward besides treasure? Well, it rewards both sides an oppotunity to buy BOMBS, the most notorious siege weapon, from a special merchant (remember they are no longer craftable). It’s almost impossible to reach the coffer solely relying on NPC demolishers in one raid. You need multiple attempts, and you accumulate enough bombs, then you can nuke your way in. A scoring system should be applied to determine the quantity of nukes you can buy. I suggest max 4 per raid.

With the new system, we can have a DOTA-like game. A game which involves fast-paced combat, meticulous offense and defense plans, and real interaction between players.


On a second thought, mesh base and sky base has to be fixed in the first place, which never gonna happen. So, yeah, another day dream it is.

I’m not sure how you can implement an idea like this when, essentially, it would break the concept of PvE and it can already be accomplished on pvp (aside from the notification). However, on pvp they can do a lot more than just “raid.” It would seem this is only effective on PvE, except most PvE players play on PvE so they don’t have to engage in pvp. Tbh, I’ve never seen anyone even use the battle standard on PvE outside of a fast travel ability. So I don’t see this as a very practical idea. I understand what you’re trying to accomplish, but the idea seems too niche. PvP wants to do more than collect treasures, PvE doesn’t wanna engage in pvp at all… so who’s the target demographic?

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Thanks for your response!

The purpose of raiding has always been confusing to me.

I have no issue with PVP.
If you want kill people, good! 24/7 on PVP servers no problem.
You can also build an arena, arrange some tournament, have audiences. I like that.

However the raid
I never understand why people want to bomb through walls to steal other people’s hoard and make them miserable since weeks of effort gone. It’s the real time spent in game that’s been wasted.
As a raider, are they aware that they bring home vaults of loot which they can also harvest in the wild in approximately the same time it takes to manufacture dragon powders and bomb through unguarded bases?

The loss for the loser is devastating.
The trophy for the winner is regular mats.
There’s no fun in what we get after a war.
So why not add more fun during the war?

And that’s where my proposal comes from. It does, as you said, change the core of the game a bit, but in a good way.
In PVP, it guarantees no offlining and more dynamic war experience.
In PVE, just turn the raid off and you still have the purge uninterrupted.

But, yeah, this idea is niche.

Yeah, idk, man… it’s an interesting idea, but I just don’t see many jumping on board with with it. I’m a quintessential PvE player, so I have no real desire for that,l. You would have to get more feedback from PvP players, or perhaps PvE-C might be the most beneficial. They play for the fighting, not the destruction.

Let’s call it what it is. Time spent PVEing is wasted.

Take the PVE out of PVP and you solve the problem with raiding.

A friend of mine use to play PvP and she did one run where she RP’d as a thief. Not sure how much actual PvP she was doing at the time, but she said she enjoyed the idea of literally stealing everything from armor and weapons to food and thralls. She didn’t wanna craft anything during that game. I think the idea is that some PvP players just like the joy of the spoils and the feeling of conquest. This idea of merely raiding for treasure seems a bit off the mark for many people I know that PvP.

Roleplay definitely lends a very interesting dynamic to PVP and its something I’ve engaged in for a little over twenty years. Roleplay gives context and consequence to PVP that game systems simply don’t. I think this is why table top RPGs are so popular.

I am going to explain what I said earlier a bit further now that its had a chance to sink in with those who’ve read it. This next part is a reply to the thread in general.

Let’s start with a bit of a scenario that is very real and for many, very familiar. One starts on a new server. Its PVP, it has raid hours, and no dynamic build damage on. It could be a private server or a funcom provided one.

You pick out how you want your exile to look, you giggle at the random crimes selected, then choose a name and start it up. Something something year of the cobra and all that. You begin just south of newbie river with nothing but your wits about you.

Can you jump right into PVP?

Not really. You can wail on someone with a stone tool or weapon if you’re maniac enough. But to do so will get you a trip back to the desert. You gotta gather rocks and plant fiber. You’ll spend the next hour or so getting some materials to try to get together something to get a bit of a start. You gotta PVE for a while.

If you’re doing this alone, its a bit tricky as you need to setup out of sight and out of mind. If you’re with a crew, you’re able to get established a bit quicker. In either case you spend the next few hours over a few sessions trying to get some materials to get that first base setup. Something that will keep the thieves off of you, but something that you hope won’t draw the attention of those who might want to kick you in.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you pull it off. Its been a few days. You’ve hit 60, you’ve got a setup with your crew if you’ve got one. And you’ve got something you can reliably fend off attacks during raid times or at least appear as such to cause raiders to go offline someone else who’s a bit of an easier target.

You’ve hit that sweet spot where you can progress and maintain your holding. You just gotta get logged in for five hours a day to keep it going. Its been quite some time but you’ve got something going you can be proud of and you’ve spent a ton of man hours gathering resources, converting bricks, making alchemical base, farming legendaries, getting thralls and the whole shebang.

You’ve done a ton of PVE content, and maybe you’ve PVP’d a bit. Maybe dueled some friendly neighbors, beat down some attackers who bit off more than they could chew. Or maybe even succumbed to the temptation and offlined someone else. Temptation born of greed… or perhaps a little paranoia… or a little bit of both. Or not, maybe we’ll let the example here be truly altruistic, attacking those who attack them first. In either case its been dozens of dozens of hours spent, maybe even more by this point.

But all good things don’t seem to last and it happens. Either you couldn’t be online, or if you had one you’re crew got into another game. Or some other thing happened that you or your clan missed a raid night. You don’t login to your normal rooms but the desert, naked as that first minute you made a character on the server.

You go back to your base and its been pretty well cleaned out. Just a few decaying foundations left as they bombed to the ground looking for loot maybe hiddin in the floorboards.

What was the effing point? Is what many would be asking themselves. They spent all that time getting resources, finding a spot, getting thralls and pets, and getting all that stuff. Just to lose it all to one technicality of missing a single night.

But what actually was lost here? What time was wasted? These are actually the important questions here.

Time spent playing in PVE was wasted. Progress in PVE was lost.

When you chose to play on a PVP server. To PVP.

Does no one else see a problem here? Why are players engaging in PVE when their intent is to PVP?

Well obviously you can’t just expect everyone to sit south of the Newbie River and click each other for 4pts of unarmed damage till someone gives up and lets themselves die. You PVE so you can get an advantage. So you can get a weapon, some armor, and a base to store the goods in.

PVPers spend 99% of their time PVEing so they can get some advantage or at least keep up with someone else who has so they don’t get obliterated when the 1% of PVP actually happens.

I’ve said this in the past. But its ironic because PVPers spend more time PVEing than PVE’ers do. They have a MUCH higher expenditure of resources on average than a PVE’er and thus need to PVE more to replenish it. They are more likely to lose armor, weapons, and expend elixirs and potions and food due to their foes being human beings than some CPU controlled thing that draws a line and engages events when a distance is closed.

And what I find strange is no one seems to have a problem with this. Well not exactly.

I’ve seen servers try to challenge this notion. You have these arena servers where you’ll start at 60. You’ll get a full kit. And you’ll duel each other. While these kinds of servers are quite common in some circles. They’re hardly the way people want to play.

Why? Because its boring.

Occasionally someone will start up a server and have the bright idea of allowing people to make their bases in some accelerated fashion. Maybe use the fancy new creative mode we got. Or use some form of accelerated 10x in everything form of farming with a Pippi kit to get them started on building. In either case you get some time to build, maybe a few hours or a few days. And then you slam into each other in a massive server wide purge thing.

Again… these servers aren’t incredibly popular and even if some have fun on them initially. Its not going to give you hundreds of hours of play.

Why is this?

Well… there’s no stakes. Its like playing poker without bets. You can do it. But it doesn’t have the same thrill.

There’s another thing that some private servers do, that seem to be popular. You’ll see this among those PVP servers with 50/50, 70/70, 80/80, and even higher playerbases. Servers that don’t allow the offline raiding.

Well… then the solution is to turn DBD on. Right?

Yes. Kinda.

I think you would see immediate results to DBD being on and an immediate relief of current PVP symptoms. But it would likely not be a cure. DBD has its own issues. And it works on some servers with active admins to prevent the exploitation of some of its issues. I’m not going to go into those here because it really is its own discussion.

Suffice to say I heavily believe issues would arise out of other problems with the game and PVP within it. And we’ll end up at square one.

There’s another thing to look at on these servers. Many of which have active moderation and even require raids to be declared and scheduled so that an admin can be present. This is to ensure the reasons behind the raid are adhered to, and the response to the reason for the raid is proportional. So there’s no raiding someone down to the foundations in the majority of time.

This means you can PVP without fear of wasting all that time in PVE.

There’s also the issue of stakes. You’re playing by rules, and you’re trying to be the best within those rules. But you do have a chance to lose such wagers. But the loss in such wagers are not catastrophic.

RP-PVP servers take this a step further in that you can have In-Character repercussions. In my time playing Conan Exiles, as well as other games over the last two decades, I have seen the full gamut of stakes in RP. Character death (and subsequent reroll, either soft or hardcore, up to and including starting a brand new character, or simply renaming an existing one and changing their looks to effectively make a new one), to losing valuables, status, freedom (getting enslaved), facing scarring, mutilations, and even loss of limbs (in RP, though mods are getting close to replicating that in mechanics) or even losing one’s dignity in ways that are not fit for the rules of these forums.

The easy solution is to roll up a character on one of those moderated servers and abandon those servers with absent or hands off admins, as well as funcom provided servers. Its even easier than trying to get aforementioned servers to turn DBD on.

Doesn’t fix the underlying issue however. Because even in heavily moderated servers. Crap happens. Sometimes collateral damage happens. Sometimes someone flips a lid and violates the rules in a major way. And even though you can be reimbursed for the trouble, rebuilding from scratch sucks.

And at the end of the day you are spending a majority of your time PVEing.

No. The solution I believe is to reduce the amount of PVE in PVP. That is where the discussion needs to be. Dynamic Build Damage has little effect on your ratio of time spent PVPing and PVEing. Same with playing on moderated servers. In both those cases would benefit from this philosophy.

For raiding to be fun for everyone, there needs to be less time or at least equal time spent in PVE as there is in PVP. At the same time, there needs to be stakes as well to keep the thrill.

Well analyzed.
As for the “stakes”, almost all other competitive games like FPS, fighting games, Dota-like games, they don’t reward you nothing after each round except your ranking goes up a bit. Yet they are the most popular genres. Why? Because the competition/combat is fun enough to let people forget about the stakes. You care about how well you played out, not how many points you take from your opponents. You enjoy the fight, cuz it’s enjoyable and satisfactory.
which sadly isn’t the case here in CE.

This new Siege and Treasure system as I see it, could serve as an opportunity to make the combat a little bit more enjoyable if done right. And I hope after a night of fighting, people will be saying
“Hey, I just destroyed a castle and killed 20 people straight! The fight was legendary!”
instead of
“Hey, I just looted 20 vaults of mats while nobody is around! Now those su*kers who’s the alpha!”

I had originally had an idea that took this into something crazy. Basically a PVP mode that had premade bases you fought over control for. Kind of like Planetside 2. But as I thought more about it, I didn’t think it would actually be popular. Like I said, we do have servers that pop up that have you quickly build bases for the sake of raiding each other for fun. They’re fun, for a short while, but that sort of play isn’t why we play CE. So I haven’t really pushed for it.

I do think some stake is needed. Not frustrating stakes, but stakes none the less. To give an anology, I think the average Conan Exiles PVPer isn’t willing to put a dollar into a slot machine. But they are willing to use penny and nickel slots.

I want to see how people react to the new purge since its effectively the PVE version of what I’m thinking of. I know in PVE that many don’t like to play on Purge on servers for fear of having to repair bases that they spend a ton of time on. But with the new system being opt-in and encouraging you to build a specific base (rather than all) for the purge, I think more will be willing to try it.

If that shows some promise then I have an idea related to purges that might help with PVP and Raids.

Something using a similar system where it checks for doors and paths. And it uses that to prevent one from storing certain valuables (alchemical base, legendaries, gold, silver, etc.) without such a path. Then walls and foundations are significantly buffed. Thus when raiding, raiders will want to prefer going through doors and gates instead of walls. Going through walls would still be possible, but the effort needed would be significant enough that in a raid window, it wouldn’t be possible to just go through walls of a well made base. Only an option to break through a potential weakpoint and get defenders off balance. Of course while raiding, repairs and replacement would need to be disabled. Probably a timer everytime the structure takes damage.

Could even have a server setting setup that disables building damage if no excess valuables are detected. Because let’s be honest. Getting rid of PVE entirely isn’t a solution here either. We’re here to play CE. But if you could play CE, enjoy the time and feel rewarded for it, but not have it dashed apart in a matter of minutes… I think that would be much more palatable.

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Let’s see to it.

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