PvP Players of Conan Exiles, let our voices be heard!

With mounts comming to the game in december, there will be hordes of new players joining the game, and to “hold” these players in PvP servers, there are changes that if done, it will be good for the game without a doubt.

The current system on PvP servers is not friendly for the majority of casuals that like to PvP, and PvE-C does not fulfill the experience because its too limited. So another option would be turn the PvP servers (or open new ones?) to allow building damage while the Player(s) from said clan is online. It can work like this:

Player log in, in 2 minutes online everything that is crafted, itens, buildings, thralls&pets will be destructible / killeable by other players, if the Player goes offline, his buildings / thralls&pets can still be destructible / killeable for 60 minutes, after this time expires, the buildings / thralls&pets become imune to damage.

I would like to ask for the Players that play on PvP servers to vote only, so we can avoid general opinion since this is exclusively regarding PvP servers settings.

    1. Yes, I prefer to play on a server with Building damage On while the player is online.
    1. No, I still want the option to raid offline players.

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I people don’t want to be raided while offline they only need to log in at the time of raiding. Even on PVP servers it is only possible to raid during raiding time and when that raiding is, is a public information available for all players on their server.
If you can’t be online during raiding time then move for another server with raiding time that fit better for you.

I agree here. But one problem with game mechanics. If your base is unreliable while offline then what happens if there are players that abuse this mechanism and spam crap everywhere, just junk bases all over the place…then log off? So we would just run around looking a hundreds of bases which has no one on? This would be a problem. Also we do want this to reflect some reality of people’s physiology. Some people are scums and would like to enjoy looting you when your not around…and I think they should allow that. However; imaging if your weapons and armor is unlootable. This means you can do something about it…retaliate. Hunt them down. Kill them on their supply route and take their mats.

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In my opinion part of the fun of PvP is gaining mortal enemies. Being offline raided is the ultimate catalyst in that process.

People would simply go offline as soon as they think they are going to be raided. Or even an hour before raid time every day. This would destroy PvP servers completely.

However, as suggested there are many private servers that would better suit those requirements. With admins who will wipe players for offline raiding. It’s also not as expensive as you’d think to rent a server.

You guys are used to this system, I understand that, but believe, this is not friendly for casual play, if you say “ok, pvp is for hardcores” then you’re dooming the game.

Once they login, the structures will be damageable, if they log off 1 hour is enough time to do big damage to their bases, so, Imagine this scenario, you build your base, even if you build big or a lot of junk and crap everywhere (this already happens btw), if the player wants to “secure” their stuff, they will have to stay and defend.

So, this settings would’nt allow ppl to abuse, because they will get their buildings damaged anyway, just picture the scene, if a troll player just builds and won’t fight, he will loose part of the buildings each time he logs in, if not players will damage his buildings, decay will.

It’s not that I don’t like that idea in fact it’s pretty good.
Like you said we are accustomed to the old system, so it’s difficult to see it any differently.
The thing that keeps me staying loyal to the status quo, is that sever population triples during raid time. That guaranteed flow of players wouldn’t exist if raid time was essentially all day.
I am probably one of the only players who is disappointed to see that I haven’t been offline raided. (Even though I’m pretty much online during every raid window).
In fact I always put dummy shacks near alpha bases just to provoke them to start a war with me.
When I get raided, people tend to wait until I go offline anyway. (Except for yesterday when they realised I’d lost half of my defences.):joy:
I just don’t think that this system would change that. Especially not for smaller clans/ solo players.

Not really. I’ve had bases where it took my enemies about 5 hours to get through my walls, animals, thralls and stuff. Then they reached my base with 19 gates ;). At night I rebuilt my walls and placed some new animals and thralls. It took them the complete raid time of 5 days till they got in, but I saved everything after the first attack. I just replaced stuff so that they’d think that I still live in the base :joy:

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Exactly. I do like the idea of a more dynamic raid window, but I’m struggling to even think of a comparison. Or how it could possibly be implemented.
I currently can only see this as a benifit to more experienced clans and players. It will essentially put an instant target on any casual player who comes online for a few hours.
Also this could easily be abused with alt accounts. Simply farm all day on alt, and then sign on at an obscure time with main account to collect. Store in heavily fortified base and log out. Rinse and repeat.

The raid window “forces” ppl to login at this time so they can defend their bases, so yes, in PvP servers the raid time will always have more ppl on, but don’t forget that’s because of the prime time aswell, its the time ppl play the most because they get home from work/RL duties.

thats why you don’t see a problem with the current system hehehe, don’t get me wrong, I just want to make the game more dynamic.

See what I mean? Thats exactly the problem in the current system.

It would change the pace of PvP, the people who can’t play at prime time are hindered because of that, the only time they get to have some pvp is just some hours, and even more, they loose all their progression because they couldn’t be there to defend.

Yes, I know, there are privates servers with different settings, yes, but private servers doesn’t show much confidence for most of ppl, you never know when admin will shut it down so, yeah, officials are a safer bet.

It makes sense big bases taking more time to be invaded, but as I said, even if you build big, IF you just log in to refresh but don’t defend, eventually ppl will get in, thats why this system can’t be abused.

It will benefit everyone that likes to play fair, ppl will actually have PvP, and not Player vs Base. New players being a target from experienced clans and players? That doesn’t already happen? No raid window timer is just a way to make ppl “think” they are safe, its just an extension of the time you will be attacked.

Now this is something interesting you’re bringing, nice one, I haven’t thought about that, but I can see how this can be prevented, FC would have to make the Purge bar increase insanely high the more time the player stays offline, lets say, you log in day 1, build and farm big enough for a long raid, even in t1, then log off, stays offline for 5 days, the Purge bar would fill up, and if you don’t log in the 6 day, a “stronger” Purge happens. At least, that way helps against troll players.

Offline “protection” is such a hard thing to implement. One thing that may be plausable with the current engine is to utilize the god bubble. It would take a retooling of sorts for some of the base stuff, but i think feasable.

  1. Require Priest to be in the altar while offline bubble is ongoing.
  2. Still requires a T3 or above priest.
  3. The offline Bubble would have same area as current god bubbles. Exterior bubble ups the HP of structures 5x while you are offline. Interior bubble 10x the HP any structure it touches while you are offline.
  4. Offline defined as 1 hour after last clan member logs off. This info is in the db somewhere’s, because it is used to start the decay timer on thralls if no clan member is offline. Not easy, but definitely the tools are in place to figure it out.
  5. Change raid times on PVP officials to 24/7. With the offline, there is no reason to block out a window any more, as players and their play habits will dictate that. Or if wanting to have a raid window still intact, then offline during raid window is 1 hour after log out, non raid window 15 minutes. Still allowing for damage if a player logs out to avoid total wipe.
  6. The normal God Bubble rules still apply for T3 Priest and named. IE, if you pop a god bubble, then the priest can be removed. You would only lose the offline protection if you started it as well. If you leave the priest in, you have the 36 hour god bubble, and the offline protection for the duration of whatever you crafted.
  7. The cost for offline would be 50 zeal for 24 hours, stack-able up to 14 times. So you can use 700 zeal at once, and get a 14 day offline bubble timer started. Again, the bubble only works if a T3 or higher is in the altar, and your entire clan is offline. If priest not in altar or a clan member is online, the timer still ticks down the time, but no benefits of the offline protection. God bubbles, again, would not change and have the full 36 hour normal mechanic it does now.

I agree with Shadoza.
And Alt accounts are abused now. Most clans won’t hit unmarked small bases for fear as coming across as bullies and killing server. But with a 1 hour timer mechanism, smart clans will investigate and figure it out, meaning one could jump them while transferring the loot, or raid the second they log off. they have one hour. I doubt both accounts would have massive bases. Hit the smaller account. If a server feels that one person/clan is exploiting the mechanic with an alt, then that server should work together to remove them, or if the Alpha is as bad ■■■ as they think they are, they should do it. Off lining is one of the biggest issues with the PVP of the game, that it drives a lot of gamers away to a more balanced, less Eff u style of competitive game play. Also, by adding in this mechanism, you can remove the window all together, as now the raid window is when yo are on, not when Funcom says you should be on.

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You contradict yourself here…
“I am probably one of the only players who is disappointed to see that I haven’t been offline raided. (Even though I’m pretty much online during every raid window).”
and then say you are only raided offline…
“When I get raided, people tend to wait until I go offline anyway”

So do you offline raided or not?

I agree, however I don’t know if the change of pace would be better or not.
I’d personally vote to have an earlier window on the weekend. That would possibly be more inclusive. Whilst keeping the ‘prime time’ feeling.

Yes of course, but this would esentially be sticking a ‘kick me’ sign on the back of their loincloths.

That would most likely harm the casuals more than it would a big clan. For example, a clan comes online, deals with a purge in 15 mins goes offline. Or better yet they have pets and archers everywhere.
Casual player hasnt been on for a few days Gets offline purged. Rockslide obliterates his sandstone hut.:rofl:

Not necessarily. There are many ways to switch loot between players. It’s really not difficult at all.

Yes, that’s true. The raid would already have to be set up in anticipation. Undetectable by the alt, which could easily scout the area before the main logs in. You could be sat there for hours or even days.

I wonder what you’ll be doing while your main account is offline…:rofl:Alt much?

No, I did not contradict myself! Don’t quote me out of context please, if you included the next line it clearly answers your question. I didn’t say I only get offline raided. Clearly I had an attempted raid yesterday.

I said I like being raided offline, especially when I wake up in the desert, because I know they got me real good.

I come back online after leaving early, only to find no one has raided a single base, I stare into the distance and single click sigh emote. :disappointed:

If I get raided offline it just gives me an excuse to be destructive.
Offline me, I wipe you.

Like I said, I usually am online for the majority of the raid window. Not much chance to get raided offline, but when I do…

There are so many answers but most simply, if we are not talking about the same player; Someone else could easily let them into the base.
If we are talking about the same player, they could just go to an obscure location go offline, log into main next to that location, collect items.
Of course there is an extremely small chance of being discovered.

:joy: Sorry.
Raiding a large, well prepared clan, who signed on for 15 mins, would require too much preparation, and also perfect timing.
Essentially it would leave you camping outside the base, until they came online.
This could be several days, as they could easily send the alt account to check the area before they come online. And be prepared to counter attack when they do.
Also if they see a raid base sat there, waiting, they simply wouldn’t come online until you go offline.

I hope that makes more sense.

Don’t throw accusations out. This is where you come across as a dbag. Plus, you seem to know way more tricks about using alts than i do. And everyone one of your “tricks” would be covered by the fact people can tell when one player logs off, and another always immediately logs in. Using an ALt is happening now. Not as much as you believe by the majority of players. By having a more flexible play and raid time, more players = more full servers. More full servers = really hard to log in. If one wants to risk being in the open while swapping accounts, then go for it. Eventually they will get ganked because either 1, they can’t log back on to a full server, or 2) they get caught mid transaction and are now server enemy#1.

And yes, you contradicted yourself. You said you never get offline raided. Then note you are rarely offline which is shy. Then the next statement says that people wait until you log off to raid you. That is offline raiding. You are saying that the majority (you use the word tend, which mean s more likely, or majority) of the time you are offline raided. Which makes being never offline raided un-true.

Don’t get so triggered by a joke about a game. This is where you, become the very thing that you accuse me of. :snowflake:

You contradict yourself here…

So do I alt or not? :rofl:

Look, before you get carried away, I am mainly playing Devil’s advocate here.
I am very intrigued by a dynamic raid window. Although currently I can’t see how it would work.
Also I’m interested in offline protection, which you pretty much nailed when you said increase hp once offline (wouldn’t have to be a bubble though.)

I did not say I don’t get offline raided.

“Disappointed” not to!

I will explain again,
I like being raided offline, it does happen, but rarely because I play a lot!
People don’t usually raid me anyway because I gave most of the clans their first legendaries etc when they joined. Some do turn against me like SNAKES in the grass!

Also, most of the big clans (from experience) know they will be wasting their time, and due to my diplomatic status they chose not to bother me.

I also wipe players who offline raid people.
In fact I made a 3 man clan do 100 naked squats, to get 3 sets of their armor back after they offline raided a solo. That was a few days ago.

I am usually on the whole raid time. But when I do need to leave early, guess what, people usually TEND to take the opportunity to raid me.

When I return, I find out I was raided offline, a fire ignites deep within my soul. I KNOW FROM THAT MOMENT ON, I ONLY HAVE ONE OBJECTIVE IN LIFE;
To crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentation of their women!
This is the PvP aspect I enjoy the most!

Anyway, How is that a contradiction?

P.s . Relax buddy, it’s just a game :joy:

Actually it’s working the other way around ;). If you’re offline, your purge-meter decreases. The Purge is meant to be more of a reward instead of a punishment.

Seriously? :joy::joy::joy:
That’s a funny idea :joy:. I’ll try something like this as soon as there are more players on my server :joy:

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I think you missed the point, I know how the purge works, that sentence I said was an adjustment for purges behave against trolls who just login to refresh their buildings, it would behave like that only after some days or close to the decay time.

I understand that you just made a suggestion, but since the purge is meant as a reward, your system wouldn’t fit in. It would “reward” the players for being offline instead of being online.