The new Purge mechanic is ok but could be better

I have tried out the new purge and like being able to call purges whenever I want. I was on a private server with a bunch of friends and we treat them like mercenaries. When we want to raid someone’s base we build a few purge shacks and put a few 1000 gold in them and let the purges siege bases. I do think for official servers the original purge should remain or they should create have animals purges which are attracted to certain things in your base. For example carnivores could attack your animal pens, rats could attack your preservation boxes and herbivores could attack your planters. It would also make a great mechanic to add a weekly Invasion purge which would be a bunch of sorcerers who spawn from the icy north who will travel down a path with a bunch of wights who can charm other npcs they come across to join their invasion. It would give players on PVe servers a reason to work together. The invasion would have thralls who are interested in any foundations they come close to. It would be a great way to clean up servers asany base designs that are not practical or are from players who do not log in enough would have their bases wipes using a game mechanic. I would also suggest having thralls and pets require food to survive and every 100 thralls increases the chance of a plague starting as well as a rat infestation where rats will spawn from below your base and try to steal your food Perhaps make it so every so often the rats nest will go up a level which will create higher level rats, Then at level 10 Ratmen would start attacking your base. Rats would be able to travel to neatby bases and infest them as well. Rats could be controlled by snakes, cats, and spiders. Rats could also spread plagues to nearby bases. If such a mechanic were added one could control the number of pets and thralls people have using game mechanics rather than having a thrall cap. Also storms could should be able to damage bases. Maybe have it where a sandstorm will damage a T3 1 damage per sec, T2 2 damage per sec, T1 3 damage per sec and have a table in which one can add materials to self-repair base blocks. They should also have a table that pulls things from your inventory and sends it to the proper table. That way if you have rotten flesh it gets sent to your compost bin automatically. I think purge merchants should be able to purchase things from the player. That way if we get stuff that cant be dismantled we can get it out of our inventories. Every item should either be dismantlable, sellable to a merchant or used as either a fuel or composted.

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