Reverse purge, dynamic NPC bases


As a PVE player I enjoy the purge when it arrives, let’s one have a reason to build a stronghold on PVE, and it’s fun to play/defend against horde waves of enemies.

But my suggestion is a reverse purge. Say every week an NPC base, built with the same stuff we players have. Spawn somewhere random on the map, with a bunch of thralls and a stronger named one as boss.

It’s then up to the players to attack and clear it, having the boss one drop something more valuable. We’d get a mark on the map just like purge and it’d be a race for the different tribes to see who can defeat them first.
The NPC’s should be of the stronger variation, perhaps even stronger than normally found anywhere else to actually make it a challenge. (Can’t knock them out and tame them for yourself).

Of course can also make it based on the area the base spawns, T1, T2, T3. So lower level players may also have a chance at it. Keeping the reward of equal quality so if it’s a T1 base then the higher level players wouldn’t be interested.

It would spawn at a random time during the first two days of the week so no single tribe would be able to camp it in case others are offline due to work and so on. Once the week is over it de-spawns everything and then a new one comes into play so there won’t be a bunch of half destroyed bases all over the map.

Funcom could have a contest on base designs, let players submit their best ideas for different types of bases. And if we at the same time could get some build:able traps to use in our bases too then it’d awesome!

I mainly thought of this for PVE since at max level we don’t really have much to do, cleared all the dungeons n what not. But of course it works PVP servers too, added risk of different tribes killing each other while trying to clear it.


Sounds like a great idea, would cause small clans to work together in order to take down the boss. However, it wouldn’t work on Official PVE servers due to the wall spam and foundation highways. There wouldn’t be enough space to spawn a hut let alone a castle/fortress.

I like this idea. But foundation spam could be a problem.
Could have it spawn in no build locations blocking off access to something. Dungeons, obilisk, etc. Players would have to purge it to regain access.
Could provide something else to do at lvl 60.


Why not at the very same NPC settlements?

Because part of the fun would be that the enemy base could pop up anywhere on the map, including annoying places like the side of the volcano just to make it more challenging :slight_smile:

Also I’d see the enemies as not any of the current factions but rather a new “npc player” faction. Meaning they could do stuff like we players do.

Though I do like HonkyLips idea about having them block access to more important locations, since at most it’ll be a week it’ll be blocked so a good enough challenge without being too disruptive.

Sucks about foundation spam, one of the reason why I don’t play on official servers. Can always hope funcom does something about it, but I rather doubt it…

I personally like your idea, would be fun to put those explosives to other use than bombing up Mammoths :slight_smile:

There is a concern on my part about the random location proposal of yours. I imagine it to be quite complicated to find an empty spot not to mention one big enough to build a random fortress.

If those would spawn at the existing locations I think it might be better gameplay wise and it would not block resources due to claim-radius.
My base is built in a way where I still have iron, stone, wood and plants spawning nearby so I would not have to run endless distances to gather this stuff, I just imagine how dismayed I would be to have this NPC Fortress spawn on top of those resources or making them not accessible for a week :laughing:

Heh aye I can understand your concern, but then you’d also have a greater reason to clear them out quicker :stuck_out_tongue:

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