Suggestions for pve servers - Purge

Why not put a global purge from time to time as a weekly event?

It would be interesting a purge that attacked more than one point on the map, and randomly.

so it would clean the server and give us an event!

Another interesting thing porq not avatar on pve servers?

could have a system in which the player needs to make offerings not to be punished by the gods!


Well, the random attack thing could be nice in theory, but it could be a little punishing for new players still leveling.

To have to make offers to the gods to have your altar do not explode could be funny too.

But keep in mind the first reason because peoples chooses to play PvE and PvE-Conflict is to NOT lose their bases :wink:

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Someone here mentioned that a building could also be blown open from the doorway alone, so this way the structure does stay in near pristine shape. Just the door is blown away. This could work in many server types. (Repair cost would still go up the more the structures register hits?)

The altar thing would be awesome. Finally Crom would be useful. No altar on his part so no punishments either. :joy:

While the random purge could spawn from multiple random locations as a weekly world purge event, the spawns could at least try fit the resistance level. This way it would be less punishing for starting players.

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Can’t tell you how many purges we’ve fought in on our server where we searched to find the attackers, only to see them destroying a neighbor’s base.

I could see a global purge doing much the same. You get a notice, and then the horde happens to attack the annoying guy who built a tad too close to you, and they start tearing up the wrong base, and…never mind, this is a great idea.


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