Give PvE a tower defense type of game play

And I dont mean Purges. In my 840 hours of game play I have never seen a purge. Between bugs and the fact a single player cant really get the bar up fast enough…no purge for me,

Either make a purge triggerable on purpose or have some areas that are high reward but very Purge happy so building there will be a challenge.

Or have in game ‘ruins’ that players can repair for some benefit that get attacked alot. Like another Obelisk or a mine or mill for resource generation.




(I rather agree with you by the way, I too have been unable to trigger a Purge in ages)

You can adjust the frequency of Purges in single player via the server settings.

purges work great on the private server im on, its awesome. kinda is like tower defense but …a lil flatter than i think is possible. if the enemies could path to higher value targets, it would be rad.

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