Purge spawning in base

Can a dev please help me out.
I read you created a game mechanic that makes the purge spawn in your base when you build in a inaccessible place. The problem is, it also does so when you haven’t built in a inaccessible place. My friend, who spent many many game hours saving up a ton of material and top thralls was chosen to be a purge target, it was the rock monsters, huge monsters, 6 of the biggest spawned in his base and vaporized everything in a matter of seconds, everything he worked so hard for, gone for no reason at all, his base was next to a cliff, the cliff at it’s back, the other 3 sides wide open, completely accessible, is this how you want it to be? it’s a private server we have, 6 guys playing on team, well, 5 guys now, he won’t play again. Is there a way to turn off that mechanic? since it’s a private server and who cares if we avoid the purge?(even though we weren’t in this case and never have), Are you thinking of changing this mechanic until you are sure you can make it work how you intend? It just doesn’t seem like the right fix to achieve what you are trying to accomplish.

Screenshots of map and base would be helpful for the dev team. I’m sure the rest of us would like to see also :face_with_monocle:

I can only dream of getting purged as a solo casual on official servers. Currently at 70%. Lucky

The admin of your server can disable the purge by clicking a checkbox in the server settings. I play pve and can’t stand the inside base spawns either. I enjoy building a defensively built base too, but there is really no point the way the purge mechanic is. In pvp most folks probably are used to having to rebuild their base but for pve I see no reason for this. If people want to build in an unraidable spot in pve then so be it, they should get no purge. I do however like being sent waves of attackers so I live with it. I don’t think the dev’s can tailor the game to suit both pvp and pve playstyles.

Happened on our server as well. Same mob, Rock nose with Avalanche spawns, spawning inside Tier3 Foundation walls. Obliterating them. The game seems to struggle with updating spawn points after a purge, if you build more after that first purge.

A similar situation happened at another base where Sand Reaper spawns changed when additional building was added to repel them. While no buildings were made to interfere with the original spawn points, buildings were placed to intercept. The new structures became the markers for the radius but it did so ignoring all the original structures.

In the case of the Avalanche, there had been Avalanche/ Rocknose purges before with no issues and the added building was a cosmetic ‘stables’ structure. It became the base and the previous actual base was forgotten when populating purge spawns. It doesn’t scan all structures, just the most recent.

Yep, this was introduced in the latest patch.

I will upload map pics and location when I get home tonight.
I guess the question is…what is stopping people from playing more…people avoiding purges from building in a inaccessible place, or people losing everything in a instant when the game puts the purge in your base. I understand I worded that to support the latter but common, we’re just breading rage quits. I love the purge, just not in the base.
Again, keep in mind, the base in question was undoubtably accessible.
How about this…you built the map and have decided where we can build…we can’t place things in pre fab villages for example, stop us from being able to build in places you deem unaccessible? I don’t know.

Last night, one of my friends on PvE #1502, @GitchyGirl, got purged by Frost Giants at one of their tiny outposts. The location in question is just above Dragonmouth on the line of E/F12. The base in question was a cute little log cabin build on the open ground — not backed up against a cliff, not atop any landforms, but directly on the ground.

So what does the game do? It decides to spawn ALL of the frost giant on top of the roof! As a result of the place being built like a real house, the roof did not intersect with the ground since, you know, it’s the roof. Coupled with the place being so small, it meant none of our combat thralls could be left far enough away to teleport up and help.

As a result, there were dozens of player deaths (lots of 60s came to help) and each wave took forever because our strongest combatants (T4 thralls) were just standing on the ground, looking up like, “Yeeep, that’s some sh*t alright…”

And the best part? What’s supposed to be a 6-wave max purge lasted for 13 waves! Easily the toughest purge I’ve ever seen, and I farm them!

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