New Purge Issue?

My friend and I are playing together, and we had a purge happen recently which acted differently than any previous. She has a house built up and surrounded by walls, and previously, the spawns would be outside the walls and attack them. This last purge, every wave pretty much spawned inside the walls. Anyone else have this isse and know how to possibly fix it?

If the system can’t find a properm spawnpoint, the purge sometimes spawns inside of your base. Did you recently added some buildings to your base? Sometimes just adding a building outside of your walls correct those spawning issues.
The system is being overhauled just now though, so i would just wait until they release the changes.

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I am wondering if the game registered her walls as a different base to the rest of her building. Are they connected directly to the building that was attacked at any section? Or are they separate?

What I am trying to suggest is: maybe the other times the game sent the purge to her walls and this time to her building because it considers them to be separate bases ? (I hope that this makes sense.)

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We have had the same issue on our private pve server. We built in a tree in the jungle. About every 3rd purge they will spawn right in the tree when we have walls up everywhere that should have been penetrated first. This last purge last night, they spawned actually inside the tree where we could do nothing about it. I mean literally inside the tree trunk. Our weapons or arrows would just smash into the tree but somehow their arrows exited the tree and killed all of our thralls. Did some damage on us too as we were trying to exploit their cheating somehow but essentially just had to wait for the timer to tick down and count losses. It sucks when you can’t even do anything about the destruction. Apparently the tree is hollow because if I stood close enouph to it I could see blue ghost skeletons standing on grass inside the tree shooting their arrows at me but no way to get in or for our weapons and arrows to penetrate the tree like theirs were on us. I know they say if they can’t find a place to spawn blah blah blah, but 2 out of 3 times they spawn at the gates. Why is every 3rd time or so that different?

To be honest i hate this purge stuff. We really don’t need that. That add nothing but trouble to the game. If you play solo in a server or in a small clan you’re doomed. The purge will destroy your things and you’ll have to start all over from the beggining for really no reason. This is utterly stupidity when hyenas and spiders can destroy stone walls with theyr teeth as it was made of titanium. It’s a pointless feature to have in a pvp server that should be turned off once and for all. This purge brings only problem to the game and adds no fun. Also it will destroy your syuff when you’re off line and that’s the worsiest thing ever!
Funcom should get rid of that stupidity. This purge is so bothering that they’ll spawn inside your base if they have nothing else to reach in the ground. Can anything be more idiot than that?

Well I play solo on an official PvE server and had only 3 purges so far I was able to handle it I lvl up my sandstone to stonebrick and now am lvling it up to tier 3 material plus I have a good amount of thralls armored and with steel weapons so no problem for me


I also build on open ground with mountain behind my base so I know the purge could attack me from 3 different sides but I built my base specifically for the purge I don’t try to avoid it by building in weird areas I prepare for it and I’m in control of it

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At least so far lol

Would you say the same whyle a big undead dragon is attacking you followed by dozens of undead turttle like things?

If you’ve got friendly people on the server and announce in global that an undead purge is happening, most will drop whatever they’re doing to fight the undead dragon.

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