Purge spawns again

[Purge spawning inside my house. What is the use of walls? Why do we use better materials? I had 2 waves of Nordheimers spawn inside my bedroom in the house and in my smallish courtyard. These of course took out all of my large boxes and preservation boxes before I could get to them. Plus the bags all timed out before we could clear the waves of them. So though it’s not the end in real life, for me and the hours to make all that stuff it’s frustrating. If they had spawned on the roof that would have been much better but they spawned inside my second story. The elevator to get to them before they took everything out was gone early. Can’t some code be figured out to not spawn inside my bedroom? I wouldn’t even mind if they spawned just outside my door in the base. Just not where you don’t even have the room to fight them. They spawned right on my bed so my spawnpoint was on the other end of the map at my bedroll]


I can understand what you went through. Have had yetis spawning inside of house. Just this weekend my wife had 5 waves of werewolves spawning inside of a small base pretty much gutted it. She managed to pull a door off so the thralls guarding outside could get in. We generally try to keep some good thralls inside. Whether this is intended or not seems to be up for debate.


Didn’t they remove purge fighters teleporting if they have no clear path into your base? For me, my main bases are up on mesas just inside the highlands, so purges there cannot get to them. But those purges go after the next door neighbors base which spawns within rendering distance of my own. So I capture video showing the damage they’re able to cause to that clan leader’s fortress, before one of my strongest thralls and I can kill the purge fighters.

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If your base doesn’t have proper ground access, the purge will spawn in your base. This has been very clear for years.


Well i believe you are right here. I remember almost 1 year ago and maybe more, Firespark81 and Wak4863 made videos about it. You are very correct on this one. Still after the siptah update there are to many complaints about great differences on purge. Most of the people that complain, are still in the same base and accepted so far great numbers of purge. I believe that spawning inside your house is wrong, but at the same time is challenging too… Omg i have to visit a doctor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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I can confirm that this is only half true. When the purge suddenly decided to bug, they’ll still spawn inside of your base regardless.

After doing a lot of research, I’ve built my final base with purge friendly in mind - on the highland hill with a natural path up the hill. West side of the base is a cliff but the South side is a smooth slope down to the ground which I’ve built a gate there as a front door. The North side is also a natural path down and I’ve raised it to even up the base’s ground, but I did made a 2 foundations wide stair case down to the ground. South side is a cliff wall and I’ve also built a stair which opens up another entrance to my base.

In total, I have 2 big clear entrances + 1 small one, all of which are not too far from each other, if one doesn’t work the other one will. Not to mention part of the walls/foundations from the North/South/West side were also built all the way down to the ground overwriting the cliff’s wall, so they can choose to just attack those walls instead. Plus, I always open all gates & doors before the purge start. In short, my base is super purge friendly with multiple clear paths.

The first few purges were smooth, they all spawned outside. Then out of a sudden, there was a purge that spawned the first few waves outside nicely, BUT the last few waves just suddenly decided to spawn right inside the wheel of pain, which is placed inside the base, ignoring the stairs & the ground level foundation walls outside the base (the wheel is in an outdoor area with no wall no roof, but on the foundation, only few squares away from the Northern stair), if I didn’t rush to it soon enough, the wheel would be a goner, but it did indeed damaged the tiles underneath the wheel which were tricky to fix.

After that we had a few smooth purges again which shows that I did everything right.

But just in the latest purge, same thing happen: with the 1st 2 waves spawns outside, final wave decided to spawn to the other far side of its target location, inside the base ON the shrine that is also placed in a clear outdoor foundation area with the stair to the East right next to it, with the South entrance is also within reach. Killing a few rare weak pets that I was safely placed inside the base and that makes me super sad. I did have thralls that were placed around but the fact it spawned right on that particular spot inside the base, bypassed the defensive line and away from the inside base thralls. It was also on the very tight spots (at the corner of the structure, also on the shrine) so we couldn’t kill them fast enough (final boss wave, with the whole wave packed on the same square) before they killed the few precious pets… That also didn’t give us enough space and time to hand pick the fighters that came with the wave, we had no choice but to just kill them all before it did further damages, only to realised the wave came with a rare fighter when it was ended, that we could have captured if the wave didn’t spawn like that. It wasn’t about skill, we were cheesed…

Therefore I can conclude that, no matter how purge friendly your base is, when it decided to bug, it’ll spawn in the most impossible to fight area ignoring ALL of your defenses.

That said, I’m asking the same question with OP: So what is the use of the wall/gate/door and fence?
Also, why is the wave spawns right under/on the placeables?

As a player who love purges, I grind so hard everyday just to speed up the purge meter as much as I can, I wish funcom could look into this matter and fix this frustration, so we can enjoy purges more.

On a separate mattter, I hope purge meter don’t decay that much over night… I’m already playing everyday but feels like it’s rising very slow still.


Weird, since the one time that the purge spawned in our base was because while there was a way for the purge to enter the base via the two drawbridges on each side, the drawbridge itself was slightly in the water, which i suppose bug out the AI and basically spawned the purge right up in the bedroom.

First of all, welcome to the comunity :+1:. It is an issue, a serius issue, i agree. Imagine that i avoid purge. it’s because i fix a weapon museum close to my house (pve, it’s not a base) and if i 'll accept a purge i will have a serius issue if it start spawn inside. There are so many things i have to wright down again, omg i don’t even want to think about it. The only good thing here is that i don’t need purge thralls anymore, i have everything i need and though i miss the excitement of the purge, i choose not to risk it. Still my last purge gave me so much excitement :joy::joy::joy:, that i think i’ll take some months break, it was a volcano purge (thank god) by nordeimers (od), they spaw by decades, they destroy everything, i was with only one thrall and it was holding love tap :joy::joy::joy:. Good thing that the purge destroyed only a map room, a wheel of pain and some decorations. Still to defend i destroy a yogs touch, and my Spinas lvl 20 almost died, until i gave him his crom sword and all the others died :joy::joy::joy:. The point was to secure a purge blacksmith :wink:. This blacksmith cost me a lot but at the same time nothing because she worth it. It was however the greatest purge i ever had, so many bodies, so many spawns i could swear it was a bug. I am telling that it was a bug because this purge must be the number 200 or something like that. I was fighting 2 hours straight and every wave was more than 100 nordeimers, hell.
Anyway, nice to chat with you m8, welcome to the forum again :wink:.


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