Purge thralls spawning inside base

We have been building a big base in the jungle (L5). The building is against a mountain and has a river in front. During the last two purges they have all spawned inside our building and proceeded to do a lot of damage til we were able to find them. To say the least we are pretty upset that we invested so much time and now have considerable repairs to do. I have heard other people complain about the thralls spawning in mountains on our servers, but only post I found was in early feb and response was that a patch fixed it. We have been purged 3 times and this has happed twice. any help from funcom?


If the Purge doesn’t have any obvious normal paths around your base, then it will spawn inside. Based on your description, the Purge can land either inside a mountain, in the river, or on your base.

thanks Multigun. I am going to post a pic of our base because I do not know exactly what you mean. Be a few minutes since the purge restarted after we thought it was over. thank you for your reply

This h has been going on a long time it’s happened to me .Build something just outside of your base so they have some thing attack maybe 2 or 3. Other wise they will come inside. Good Luck.

The problem is - if they dont spawn inside the base it effectively makes bases on pillars/trees/mountaintops etc immune from the purge. Unfortunately the risk in building like this is a purge of this nature. It’s not ideal but it’s also not fair if certain bases are immune to the purge based on their location either.

Yes, of course, the fallback purge mecanic. All that is cool and fine. But not allways make sens.

On one hand, we’re told, that we can make and build a base everywhere we want… yes, we know all what this mean. But mostly it means “let fly your imagination”, build a castle on the mountains you see, build on a island, and so on. Ever in the game is said somewhere, you can attach foundations to cliffs, try it out. Not sure if formulated exactly that way, but that’s the idea.

And here comes the purges, and now the fallback-purge. While i agree that to make it work, people will not have a purge able to climb the mountaineer rocks.
But if i want build any effective and defendable base somewhere, bit rl related maybe, i would try to take advantage of the terrain, isn’t it ?
Yes, of course i would !
But purge make me think twice about that now.

Not only that, also mentioned in an other post, and like you know i’m testing lot purge-mecanic, i have set-up a new char, built a new base, all well accessible for purge.
Had some purges very soon, did push a bit the settings to. First purge was fine, second to, but then third, 2 waves was still fine, but last landed and spawned inside my base, ever updstair in my bedroom (not that this matter more…), but still.

We see here an example of fall-back purge when there shouldn’t be one. First base is accessible, and was used at such, but then one waves failes.
So we can’t think, that some may also experiment this. Maybe more than i did.

Purge is working for me now, and i’m happy, but it’s still not perfect, and the fallback-purge is a part of it.

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