Purge appear IN MY BUILDING

Had a purge suddenly appear inside of my building and smashed everything rapidly. Nice. Good work and yes i’m salty.

EDIT: I build on water so its not in the area where our resources spawn.

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Is your base on a cliff, on water or otherwise inaccessible by simply walking up to it?

On water with a huge bridge to the front door. They teleported to the second floor and smashed and killed everything in 10 seconds.

If it’s not naturally connected to land that u can walk on that will happen. It’s not a bug, the devs reasoning is so that people who build bases like yours will experience the Purge

Yea but they could solve it by having ranged enemies instead of having them suddenly teleport into the building. It’s very un-immersive.

Instead of a janky way to handle water bases (I’ve had mine in the water for a long time cause i wanted a water floor) i shouldn’t have to suffer cause of a badly done mechanic to compensate for weird base designs.

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Yeah. I think this is less of a thing for bases like yours than it is for people who build on mountains, cliffs and free standing stones. Personally I believe it should be changed to a combination of ranged attackers(heck depending on the level of the purge maybe let them add a trebuchet to the mix) and the flying bat demons.

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Fire orb throwers too.

Yep, from what I remember though this current Purge is the first iteration and we will be receiving the second iteration upon full release. Hopefully it’s improved for bases like yours.

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So i have an awning on the front of my building. Army of relic hunters came to attack a bridge nearby and they SPAWN ON THE AWNING.

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Well we turned the purge off. Poorly instituted. You can’t have a base anywhere except perfect flat area otherwise the pathing goes stupid and spawns everything inside your base.

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Why should that matter? The purge system is broken if the creatures are spawning in your house, no matter WHERE you chose to build…

Is this at the dam in middle of north before frost biom?

Agreed. Hopefully they teach NPCs to swim and climb. As it stands, NPCs (especially thralls) are dumber than dodos in Ark.


They seem to need a bigger range of aggro. And attack things, around the base, before somthing hit you. i had 80% of my thralls Idle under the purge. even it was 10 meters away for some of em, to the undead drake that came on last wave. so i had to run and pick em up, and place em on the boss… then wait for the boss to attack me… then they did engage

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Yeah the AI is terrible. Thralls will stop fighting randomly during combat and won’t engage again until you get hit. They randomly switch to their fists instead of using the epic/legendary weapons in their inventories. Sometimes they won’t defend themselves at all and let enemies kill them. They seem to walk into your attacks on purpose as if they’re trying to commit suicide, etc. It needs a lot of work.

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In a pond with 2 parts of it on the land. One section on the front and one section on the back.

This was 9 days old when you posted about this and purge 2.0 already was live after this was made. So if it is still doing it make a new post as this version is way out of date, and at least one big purge patch hits ince this was first posted.

I don’t understand how you all say “purge is broken” because they tele into bases. It’s to stop people building out of reach. It’s a survival sandbox… that’s like saying they should remove the need to eat or drink. Man up, or find another game, it’s that simple :slight_smile: I think it’s great that the purge teleports into base. Means you have to place melee thrIlls inside, and rangers on the walls. I hope they add flying minions. However, before they work on this lot… they should make server admins. I’m sick and tired of a certain troll on our server, who will destroy you in pve, with boss creatures… if they can’t do that, you get walled in. Absolutely the worst idea of devs to allow this.

Oh, don’t worry the vast majority of players have.

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why tho? you cant build on a cliff, and not expect to be purged? thats like playing a game, and instantly putting cheat codes in and placing god mode…