Possable! purge bug

Not reporting a bug but a bug that may happen cause of where you build :slight_smile:
Because 2 of my builds would not be reachable for any mob
#1 was in the middle of a large lake, can mobs swim?
#2 was on the face of a mountain a sheer face way high,no way to climb it unless you built your way up there.

so what i am saying is. what happens if a purge cant reach your structure ?
someone should test that :wink:

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The purge creatures should be able to attack with ranged weapons/trebuchets, in that case :wink:

I built bases in both scenarios you described. The mobs spawned inside my base both times.
But I have since seen patch notes that say purge mobs should no longer spawn inside bases. I haven’t tested it since then.

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In the event you build in a location normally inaccessable to mobs, you get skeletons come up out of the ground in your base, and wreck stuff. Sucks to be you.

It was covered when they first announced the purge and verified numerous times on this forum. They spawn inside and on top of your base. There must be an access point on solid normal ground. Even shallow water you can walk through will cause the mobs to spawn inside.

Let’s hope this is the case, or many players will feel griefed… :confused:

Yeah, making them spawn inside your base is pretty cheap.
You could have entirely realistic defenses by building on a small island in the river and having a drawbridge yet the purge would still spawn inside your base. I guess that’s easier than making a halfway decent AI. (Skeletons should be able to walk across the bottom of the river and attack your base, yet they can’t).

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They have been spawning down the bottom of the cliff and worse wondering around very far from the base it self getting lost…

A couple other clans have been attacked, but my clan has had like 10 purges of which none actually occurred. We get the notice and then 30 sec later the confirmation that we defeated them.

I built on the island in the Eastern part of the north. I’ve been purged twice, both have been spiders, and they destroyed the bridge and were unable to reach the main base.

I did have a set temple on the outer shore though. Maybe that was enough to avoid the skeletons?

For me there are currently spawning since last big patch inside the Foudnations. The evilst is, if there hit your guards than there will fall troughout the foundations too and are lost for the time until server restart.

The funniest was , 2 times there Spawned inside my Maproom, a little bid like there are teleporting to me.


But still very buggy and the spinning attacks of the giants damage all your stuff around.