The current issues with purge

  1. You built your base on the wide land (no island, water, air, etc) that clearly grants tons of spawning areas for purge mobs outside of your base.

  2. Still get purged from inside of your base.

  3. Purge mobs use teleports everywhere in your base.

  4. Some purge mobs are stuck in your foundations or ground.

  5. This issues have been in years and still has not been fixed.

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Upload a photo of your base too please, maybe this way we can give you a reason… If you have a base.

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Don’t really have to since everyone knows very well for very long time that you get purge anyway from inside of your base no matter how you choose well your position. It’s just bugged with current purge and they haven’t fixed it for more than 2 years now, and people who are experienced with this game knows it well.

That’s completely inaccurate. I had only one purge “from inside”, because I participated in a clan that had the idea to build on the top of a ruin and I play about 4 years now, maybe more. I do believe that people experience this purge, but the mistake was the place they build and this mechanism was working this way on purpose…
Again, show me your base


How many hours did you play this game? I’ve been playing this game since 2017 EA with 4k hours total, and pretty sure I have x100 more experiences than you are. ‘One time from inside in purge’ during entire your game experience? Man, you have tons of things to learn about this game. I’ve literally seen thousands of people talking about this purge spawning inside and using teleports without any intention. Do you even know teleporting mobs in purge means no intention?

As you can see that red line is the position where I built the base, and if you know where that is you will know that I clearly built on wide area that has tons of spawning points from outside. Every experts I know in this server has no idea why the purge spawns inside of my base, perheps the hole is causing trouble for spawning correctly? No, since only certain type of purge spawns inside of my base and mobs using teleports to the base is completely not realistic as they mentioned in recent dev stream.

Now, explain to me completely ‘Mr, I know everything’

Isn’t that just above a known undermesh spot? I’m wondering if they spawn under the mesh and teleport up when they can’t access it.

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It might be which they seriously has to fix it. And the reason why a lot of PvPer quitted.

And, still clearly no reason to spawn inside or teleport to another area in the base. They know they have to adjust the spawning points to the outside of the base and there are just tons of areas! This issue has been for many years and a lot of people have been talking about this in forums and youtube. And I know there was no issue like this after they fixed it around late 2018. And then again, somehow they may have touched a code wrong, and purge starting to spawn inside again which they used to not, and this time, they use random teleport too!!! This is completely not realistic, and devs mentioned they want the game to be realistic as possible in their stream! :smile:

They are just forcing their own players to work more for their lackness and laziness to fix the game. Not only about this purge issue, everything! And now they want to process battlepass for more cash grab in 3.0?? Oh come on!!!

Most of experienced guys already know or gave up on this game being stabled and many of them quitted because some ridiculous bugs especially in PvP. There are clearly reasons why this game has been underperforming compared to ARK or Dust. The game has forever with new bugs and glitches and many players are tired of this and then quit or just stay nicely with the game and embrace the company’s lackness to hold the game. And do unnecessary extra work or wasting of time for the price.

For more than 5 years of this game, I’ve been trying to be patient and wait for the game to be stabilized, but even after 5 years past, there are still new bugs/glitches, and unfixed bugs which tons of players posted about in this forum!! ofc I am now gonna be furious about this.


Player “Pls fix bugs”

Funcom "Shut up just give us more money so we grant you more cosmetics that will make your things more ‘beautiful’ ~~~~~ :smile:

That video is from August 2020. Funcom enabled anti-undermeshing mechanics in November 2020 and then they spent more time tuning it and making it work better.

If you happen to find a spot on the map where the anti-undermeshing protection doesn’t work, you should probably do the same thing you should’ve done with your purge problems and submit a bug report with all the relevant info.

Not a random YouTube video, a random Reddit post, or a random generic complaint on the forums – those aren’t bug reports.

I honestly don’t know of any other kind of software where users think a bug can get fixed without providing any info about it. It looks like this kind of weird behavior is specific to gamers.

But you do you, I guess.

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Players “Pls fix the bugs”

Funcom “Give us info!”

Players “We already sent you years ago…”

Funcom “Huh?”

Players “Ok… I will tell you the bug info one more time”

Funcom “Huh? Pls send us the info!”

Yes! this has been happening since 2017 February. No change at all. And no wonder it makes gamers go weird. Oh, ofc i mean only ‘Conan Exiles’ gamers. :roll_eyes:

You don’t have a base but you come here to complain for something like it happens now!!!
About what I know and how many hours I played, I clearly don’t need to explain my self to you, the ones who know me inside here and played with me out there knows exactly who I am and what’s my experience in this game. Now let me be a fortune teller… You ain’t gonna pay the battle pass on a broken game, is it?
Anyway, if you like the place, build smarter, leave the game mechanics the option to bring purges from sides, accept your first purge, check the points that purge is coming to you and then decide your base expansion. Do not close pathways and above all do not build really close to the Arena, even these elevators are stupid for me, totally useless and way more risky than entering from the normal gate. Corruption is not an issue with some cleansing brew and back then when you started, not early access, a bit later, the heart of heroes did not had decay. But no, we will put the stupid elevators to take a 30 running sec recipe… :person_facepalming:t3:. Keep distance from functioning dungeons and camps, do not close pathways, give clear access to the purge to hit your base and you’ll have no issues at all!!!
Now, if you really have build there, in this point I had once a base and I had only two purges there, the one was rock nose and the other hyenas. Do you get a darfari purge in this spot? This feedback would be very appreciated.

Me - Drew a red line, where there are clearly tons of pathways around the ‘red lined’ base

Someone who can’t see the red line - "Please don’t make elevator nearby arena, bla bla bla bla (random infos that everyone already knows)


And again,

Players “We provided bug info pls fix it for us”

Funcom “Give us info!”

Players “… ok we will provide you one more time…”

Funcom “Huh? Please send us info”

Players “What?..”

Funcom “Oh… just build smarter and accept the purge…”

You have had the same base in the same location with the same purge bug happening since February 2017? Funny, I also bought the game in that same month and I don’t remember the purge being in the game at all. :thinking:

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Ok, now someone started to saying purge is the only bug that Funcom provided to us so far.

I guess you bought the game from 2017 too but actually never played the game. :crazy_face:

No, both @stelagel and I have been talking about your specific bug with the purge right from the start of this thread. He was actually trying to help you, by asking about the location and layout of your base, to see if there’s anything he – or any other player here – could identify as a problem they’ve had before.

As for me, I was trying to explain that when you experience a bug in software, you can submit a bug report to try to have it fixed by the developers, or you can rant about it, but only one of those things will help get the bug fixed.

Unlike you, I don’t need to have a pissing contest about how many hours I’ve played. Also unlike you, I’ve submitted Conan Exiles bug reports which have actually resulted in bugfixes. :man_shrugging:

Again, bug reports are the way bugs get fixed in every kind of software. But if you don’t want to submit one, and you don’t want other players to try to help identify what might be causing your problem, then why did you open this topic?


Just randomly mentioning info that everyone already knows. Ok…?

Bug fixed after submitted a report. Well congratz you got jackpotted out of thousands unfixed bugs/glitches. :upside_down_face:

Players “I am stuck in the horse”

Funcom “Ok, give us the info”


Oh, I see, you’re trolling, just like you’re doing in other threads. Hell, why didn’t you say so from the start? Would’ve saved some of us some time.

Yeah, I’m sure it was luck and nothing else.

It’s not like all software developers have to triage and prioritize bugs. It’s not like games are some of the most complex software there is, with lots of moving pieces and shared state and intricate networking code, etc. It’s not like submitting detailed bug reports for different occurrences of the same bug can help pin down a hard-to-reproduce bug.

Nah, it’s luck. All the bugs Funcom fixed were just luck. All the bug reports everyone submitted are irrelevant.

Well, it’s been fun, but I’ll leave you under your bridge now.


So, I provided another example of an unfixed bug case. And you call me a troll for that…

So, you are one of the dev in this game? Why can’t a player provide a bug info that hasn’t been fixed for years? :thinking:

Well, it’s been fun, but I’ll leave you under your bridge now.

Well, I guess you were the one.